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Sands of Despair (Level 73)

Sophia Hayes

This page will explain how to start and complete the level 73 Job quest for Sage called Sands of Despair in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker.

Starting Location

Accept the quest from Lalah

Speak with Lalah Jinjahl at Black Brush Station

Lalah will be standing right beside the Aetheryte Crystal. After the scenes travel to where Lalah is peering out over a rock at X: 22.6 Y: 16.9.

Rescue Faldrinet

Click to aid Faldrient and then head north to the next quest marker at X: 23.9 Y: 17.1.

(1 of 2) Defeat the Lost Hope Antling

Defeat the Lost Hope Antling (left), Then rescue Faldrinet (right)

Speak with Lalah Jinjahl

Talk to Lalah Jinjahl to initiate a cutscene.

Lalah Jinjahl will be standing next to Faldrinet

Speak with Lalah Jinjahl again

Aftert the cutscene talk to Lalah Jinjahl to trigger another cutscene.

Speak with Lalah Jinjahl again

After the third cutscene talk to Lalah Jinjal a third time.

60pxFeaturequest4Icon.png Speak with Lalah Jinjahl in Idyllshire

Return to Idyllshire using teleport. Trafvel inside Rowenas Center for Cultural Promotion and talk to Lalah Jinjahl a final time to complete the quest.

Completion reward

For completing the quest you will receive the following reward:

Expicon.png220320 GilIcon.png2678

The next quest A Poisoned Gift is available at Level 75.


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