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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

Amidst the Apocalypse (Level 85)

Sophia Hayes

Amidst the Apocalypse (Level 85) - How to start and complete this Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker (FF XIV) Main Scenario quest.

Previous Quest Next Quest
main_quest_start.pngThe Blasphemy Unmasked (Level 85) main_quest_start.pngBeyond the Depths of Despair (Level 85)

Starting NPC

main_quest_start.png Mihleel: Radz-at-Han (X:11.1, Y:7.1)
20px_Map33_Icon.pngNearest Aetheryte: Radz-at-Han Aetheryte Plaza → Radz-at-Han Aetheryte Plaza

The Starting NPC is Mihleel.


Mihleel has information that should serve you well.


60px_Mainquest3_Icon.pngSpeak with G’raha Tia and have him accompany you.

60px_Mainquest3_Icon.pngAccompany G’raha Tia to Kama and speak with him.

Head east towards Yuj and speak to G’raha whenver you enter a blue circle.

(1 of 2) You can use the Aethernet Shard

You can use the Aethernet Shard (left), Speak to G’raha Tia inside the blue-green circle. (right)

60px_Mainquest3_Icon.pngGather information in Kama while G’raha Tia is accompanying you. 0/2

Head to the Kama area and search for the quest NPCs. Speak to Parigha inside the building at the end of the area. Speak to Mahti at (X: 13.0 Y: 11.8) inside the small room as you enter the red circle area on your map.

(1 of 2) Speak to

Speak to (left), Speak to Mahti (right)

60px_Mainquest3_Icon.pngSpeak with Djinabaha while G’raha Tia is accompanying you.

Head to Ruveydah Fibers. You can attune to the Aethernet Shard Ruveydah Fibers on your travels. Then speak to Djinabaha to trigger a cutscene.

(1 of 2) Speak to Djinabaha

Speak to Djinabaha (left), Attune to the Aethernet Shard (right)

60px_Mainquest3_Icon.pngSpeak with Kamala.

You can travel slightly east from your previous location and speak to Kamala.

Speak to Kamala

60px_Mainquest3_Icon.pngPick up the light crate.

Pick up the Light Crate.

60px_Mainquest3_Icon.pngDeliver the crate to Nahbrifhal.

You will now get a short buff timer of 60 seconds to deliver the item to Nahbrifhal. But don’t worry he is just around the next corver at (X: 8.4 Y: 13.1).

Nahbrifhal location.

60px_Mainquest3_Icon.pngPick up the ordinary crate.

Now you must pick up an ordinary crate.

Next pick up the Ordinary Crate.

60px_Mainquest3_Icon.pngDeliver the crate to Mahnuha.

As before you will get another 60 second buff to deliver the crate. Mahnuha is right next to you though at (X: 8.8 Y: 13.0).

Delivery the Ordinary Crate to Mahnuha.

60px_Mainquest3_Icon.pngPick up the weighty crate.

Next pick up the giant weighty crate!

Pick up the Weighty Crate!

60px_Mainquest3_Icon.pngDeliver the crate to Zeymeira.

You will get another 60 second buff to delivery the crate. As before don’t worry as the NPC Zeymeira is just around the corner again at (X: 8.9 Y: 13.1).

Deliver it to Zeymeira.

60px_Mainquest3_Icon.pngSpeak with Kamala.

Speak with Kamala to continue.

Talk with Kamala.

Speak to Djinabaha to complete the quest.

60px_Mainquest3_Icon.pngSpeak with Djinabaha.

Speak to Djinabaha.

Completion Rewards

065001_hr1.png 481,800 065002_hr1.png 1,594

Unlocks Quests

Type Quest Name
main_quest_start.png Beyond the Depths of Despair (Level 85)
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