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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

How To Increase Sanctuary Rank

Shane Williams

Patch 6.2 saw the addition of the Island Sanctuary which is an island that player’s can use to craft, farm and escape from the busy Warrior of Light lifestyle. This page will provide you with the necessary steps to increasing your Sanctuary Rank quickly.

You can build more facilities when you increase your Sanctuary Rank

How To Access The Island Sanctuary

Your first step towards having an island full of minions is to unlock your island. Before you can even consider accessing the Island Sanctuary you’ll need to purchase all the expansions up to Endwalker, then you’ll need to fully complete the Main Scenario Quests. Once you’ve done so, head over to Old Sharlayan and speak with the Clueless Crier who is located at (X:11.9, Y:11.0). This will unlock the side quest, Seeking Sanctuary.

Best Way to Level Sanctuary Rank

As soon as you first step foot on your own private island you’ll be very restricted with what you can grow, gather and build and the only way to unlock more features is by increasing your Sanctuary Rank.

Complete Visions

The quickest to increase your rank is by focusing on the Visions which are essentially the Island Sanctuaries Main Scenario Quest. So you’ll want to focus on completing The Coziest of Cabins, Top Crops, Adorable Animals and A Workshop of Wonders as these will not only teach you how to plant crops, capture animals and build but they will reward you with lots of Island EXP. Completing the mentioned quests should easily take you to around Sanctuary Rank 4.

Gather Resources

Once you reach The Perfect Paradise Vision you’ll be left to independently build your island, so you’ll want to increase your Sanctuary Rank to unlock more Tools and Facilities, so you’ll want to work on gathering resources in The Wilds, such as Island Stones, Island Vine and Island Logs!

(1 of 2) Increase your Sanctuary Rank by building facilities

Increase your Sanctuary Rank by building facilities (left), and gathering resources. (right)

Each resource you gather will add 10 points towards your Sanctuary Rank and considering gathering resources can be done relatively quickly these points will add up and increase your rank in no time.

Build Facilities

The final method here is to build Facilities around your island, as each facility you build will reward you with lots Island EXP. Additionally, each facility you want to create will require lots of resources so you’ll essentially be killing two birds with one stone, as you’ll be gathering a lot which builds up EXP overtime and then you get a large chunk upon building the facility.

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