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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

The Minstrel's Ballad: Hydaelyn's Call Rewards

Shane Williams

On this page you can find all the details about the rewards you can find in the Endwalker Extreme Trial, The Minstrel’s Ballad: Hydaelyn’s Call in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker (FFXIV).


Icon Name Type
Lynx_of_Divine_Light_Flute_Icon_FFXIV.png Lynx of Divine Light Flute Other
Hydaelyn_Card_Icon_FFXIV_Endwalker.png Hydaelyn Card Miscellany
Umbral_Totem_Icon_FFXIV.png Umbral Totem Umbral Totem
Faded_Copy_of_Your_Answer_Icon_FFXIV.png Faded Copy of Your Answer Orchestrion Roll
Crystal_of_Divine_Light_Icon_FFXIV.png Crystal of Divine Light Umbral Totem


Icon Weapon Job Item Level
Bastard_Sword_of_Divine_Light_Icon_FFXIV.png Bastard Sword of Divine Light Paladin_Icon_3.png Paladin 580
Labrys_of_Divine_Light_Icon_FFXIV.png Labrys of Divine Light Warrior_Icon_3.png Warrior 580
Greatsword_of_Divine_Light_Icon_FFXIV.png Greatsword of Divine Light Dark_Knight_Icon_3.png Dark Knight 580
Gunblade_of_Divine_Light_Icon_FFXIV.png Gunblade of Divine Light Gunbreaker_Icon_3.png Gunbreaker 580
Cane_of_Divine_Light_Icon_FFXIV.png Cane of Divine Light White_Mage_Icon_3.png White Mage 580
Codex_of_Divine_Light_Icon_FFXIV.png Codex of Divine Light Scholar_Icon_3.png Scholar 580
Torquetum_of_Divine_Light_Icon_FFXIV.png Torquetum of Divine Light Astrologian_Icon_3.png Astrologian 580
Wings_of_Divine_Light_Icon_FFXIV.png Wings of Divine Light Sage_Icon_3.png Sage 580
Sainti_of_Divine_Light_Icon_FFXIV.png Sainti of Divine Light Monk_Icon_3.png Monk 580
Partisan_of_Divine_Light_Icon_FFXIV.png Partisan of Divine Light Dragoon_Icon_3.png Dragoon 580
Daggers_of_Divine_Light_Icon_FFXIV.png Daggers of Divine Light Ninja_Icon_3.png Ninja 580
Blade_of_Divine_Light_Icon_FFXIV.png Blade of Divine Light Samurai_Icon_3.png Samurai 580
War_Scythe_of_Divine_Light_Icon_FFXIV.png War Scythe of Divine Light Reaper_Icon_3.png Reaper 580
Longbow_of_Divine_Light_Icon_FFXIV.png Longbow of Divine Light Bard_Icon_3.png Bard 580
Pistol_of_Divine_Light_Icon_FFXIV.png Pistol of Divine Light Machinist_Icon_3.png Machinist 580
Tathlums_of_Divine_Light_Icon_FFXIV.png Tathlums of Divine Light Dancer_Icon_3.png Dancer 580
Rod_of_Divine_Light_Icon_FFXIV.png Rod of Divine Light Black_Mage_Icon_3.png Black Mage 580
Grimoire_of_Divine_Light_Icon_FFXIV.png Grimoire of Divine Light Summoner_Icon_3.png Summoner 580
Foil_of_Divine_Light_Icon_FFXIV.png Foil of Divine Light Red_Mage_Icon_3.png Red Mage 580
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