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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

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The Minstrel's Ballad: Hydaelyn's Call Rewards

Shane Williams

On this page you can find all the details about the rewards you can find in the Endwalker Extreme Trial, The Minstrel’s Ballad: Hydaelyn’s Call in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker (FFXIV).


Icon Name Type
LynxofDivineLightFluteIconFFXIV.png Lynx of Divine Light Flute Other
HydaelynCardIconFFXIVEndwalker.png Hydaelyn Card Miscellany
UmbralTotemIconFFXIV.png Umbral Totem Umbral Totem
FadedCopyofYourAnswerIconFFXIV.png Faded Copy of Your Answer Orchestrion Roll
CrystalofDivineLightIconFFXIV.png Crystal of Divine Light Umbral Totem


Icon Weapon Job Item Level
BastardSwordofDivineLightIconFFXIV.png Bastard Sword of Divine Light PaladinIcon3.png Paladin 580
LabrysofDivineLightIconFFXIV.png Labrys of Divine Light WarriorIcon3.png Warrior 580
GreatswordofDivineLightIconFFXIV.png Greatsword of Divine Light DarkKnightIcon3.png Dark Knight 580
GunbladeofDivineLightIconFFXIV.png Gunblade of Divine Light GunbreakerIcon3.png Gunbreaker 580
CaneofDivineLightIconFFXIV.png Cane of Divine Light WhiteMageIcon3.png White Mage 580
CodexofDivineLightIconFFXIV.png Codex of Divine Light ScholarIcon3.png Scholar 580
TorquetumofDivineLightIconFFXIV.png Torquetum of Divine Light AstrologianIcon3.png Astrologian 580
WingsofDivineLightIconFFXIV.png Wings of Divine Light SageIcon3.png Sage 580
SaintiofDivineLightIconFFXIV.png Sainti of Divine Light MonkIcon3.png Monk 580
PartisanofDivineLightIconFFXIV.png Partisan of Divine Light DragoonIcon3.png Dragoon 580
DaggersofDivineLightIconFFXIV.png Daggers of Divine Light NinjaIcon3.png Ninja 580
BladeofDivineLightIconFFXIV.png Blade of Divine Light SamuraiIcon3.png Samurai 580
WarScytheofDivineLightIconFFXIV.png War Scythe of Divine Light ReaperIcon3.png Reaper 580
LongbowofDivineLightIconFFXIV.png Longbow of Divine Light BardIcon3.png Bard 580
PistolofDivineLightIconFFXIV.png Pistol of Divine Light MachinistIcon3.png Machinist 580
TathlumsofDivineLightIconFFXIV.png Tathlums of Divine Light DancerIcon3.png Dancer 580
RodofDivineLightIconFFXIV.png Rod of Divine Light BlackMageIcon3.png Black Mage 580
GrimoireofDivineLightIconFFXIV.png Grimoire of Divine Light SummonerIcon3.png Summoner 580
FoilofDivineLightIconFFXIV.png Foil of Divine Light RedMageIcon3.png Red Mage 580


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