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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

How to Unlock The Dead Ends

Matt Chard

On this page you can find all the details needed to begin the Level 90 Dungeon, The Dead Ends in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker. Details on what Quests unlock it.

Prerequisite Quest Quest Starting Location
40px_Mainquest1_Icon.png Endwalker Alphinaud: Ultima Thule - Ostrakon Hena - Absolute Horizon (x:21.6, y:21.6)

The Dead Ends is a Level 90 Dungeon in Endwalker.

“Here, at the edge of the universe, await as many stories as there are stars in its sea. Of rises and falls, of beginnings and ends…of a little bird who left home with hope, yet nested in sorrow. Hearken unto these tales to be told…”

Level Average Item Level Region
90 540 The Sea of Stars


(1 of 3) Ostrakon Hexi Map.


Meet the sixth end: 0/1

As you start the dungeon, run north, and grab the pack of Warped Flesh, continue north, and grab the second pack and fight them there. This quite a tough pull as the tank’s health will drop a fair bit, so the healer should focus on keeping their HP up. When they’re defeated, the gate will open, and you can continue north into the Grebuloff Pillars.

Follow the stairs west, and you’ll see another pack of Warped Flesh, grab them and take them to the next pack, and defeat them there. Once again, the gate will open to your north, where the first boss awaits.

Leave the sixth end behind: 0/1

Defeat Caustic Grebuloff here to continue. You’ll receive a Treasure Coffer upon defeat.

Meet the eighth end: 0/1

With Grebuloff defeated, head through the gate and follow the path north. Here you’ll see a large mech at the back, firing missiles on to the floor, navigate around the target AoEs, and grab the first pack of Landed/Airborne Freedom Fighters, and continue towards the large mech. There is a Treasure Coffer here to your left, just before the mech.

Although you won’t have to fight the mech, another pack of Landed/Airborne Freedom Fighters will spawn, defeat them, and continue north. Once again, the large mech will be at the end of the narrow path, firing missiles at you. Navigate your way towards the first pack of Landed/Airborne Freedom Fighters, and the mech will fly away again. Grab the first pack, and take them west to the second pack, and take them all out. With them defeated, a path will open up to the north, where you’ll face the second boss.

Leave the eighth end behind: 0/1

Defeat Peacekeeper here to continue. You’ll receive a Treasure Coffer upon defeat.

Meet the seventeenth end: 0/1

With Peacekeeper keeping peace in the afterlife, you’ll find yourself in a new area, The Plenty. As you go to the north, you’ll see a majestic creature in front of you. When you approach it, it’ll run away. Go over the bridge, you’ll be attacked by the first pack in the area, the Xenoprotist/Golden Wings. This pack can be pretty tough, so you may want to fight just the one pack, although you can try two packs if you’re feeling up to it.

With the first pack defeated, pick up the Treasure Coffer by the gate before heading north, and over the next bridge, which is where you’ll find the second pack. This pack will be Golden Wings with a Xenofauna. When all the packs are defeated, the gate will open.

Go into the next room where you’ll see the majestic creature again, and once again, it’ll run off, and you’ll have a pack of Xenoprotists/Xenoflora/Golden Wings to deal with. Take them to the northwest, over the bridge to the next pack. This is a tough pull so make sure the tank is using their defensive cooldowns, and the healer is keeping their health topped up. When they’re defeated, pick up the Treasure Coffer by the northwest gate, and continue north over the bridge, where you’ll find the last boss of the dungeon.

Leave the seventeenth end behind: 0/1

You’ll have to defeat The Last Mercy - Ra-La in the final boss battle here. The dungeon is complete following your victory, and you’ll receive another Treasure Coffer before the exit.

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