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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

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My Father My Fisher (Level 80)

Shane Williams

My Father My Fisher - How to start and complete the Side-Quest in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker (FF XIV). Details on where to find the Fish.

Speak with the Fretful Arkasodara to begin this quest.


40pxMainquest1Icon.png Simple Pleasures

Starting NPC

sidequest.png Fretful Arkasodara

The Fretful Arkasodara can be found at (X: 29.6, Y: 15.8) in Thavnair.

20pxMap33Icon.pngNearest Aetheryte: Palaka’s Stand


The fretful Arkasodara seeks someone to brave the wilderness.


siderepeatable.png Search for the wizened Arkasodara to the north of Palaka’s Stand 0/2

After the conversation with the Fretful Arkasodara has come to a close, travel over to (X: 31.1, Y: 13.0) and defeat the Killer Kumbhira.

siderepeatable.png Speak with the Wizened Arkasodara

Once you’ve taken down the enemies, speak with the Wizened Arkasodara.

siderepeatable.png Collect the fish 0/2

Next up, walk over to (X: 32.3, Y: 12.5) and collect a fish from the cage, then go over to (X: 32.1, Y: 11.8) to collect the second fish.

(1 of 2) Head over to (X: 31.1, Y: 13.0) and defeat the Killer

Head over to (X: 31.1, Y: 13.0) and defeat the Killer (left), then go over to (X: 32.3, Y: 15.5) and collect the fish from the cage. (right)

siderepeatable.png Deliver the fish to the wizened Arkasodara

Return and give the fish to the Wizened Arkasodara.

sidecomplete.png Speak with the fretful Arkasodara

Finally, return to (X: 29.6, Y: 15.8) and speak with the Fretful Arkasodara to bring this quest to a close.

Completion Rewards

065001hr1.png 168,300 - 190,575 065002hr1.png 895


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