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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

Amon the Undying Boss (The Aitiascope)

Ben Chard

On this page you can find all the details needed to defeat Amon the Undying, the final boss in the Level 89 Dungeon, The Aitiascope in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker (FFXIV). Details on the mechanics along with how to tank and heal.

Amon the Undying is the final boss of The Aitiascope.


Dark Forte

This is a Tankbuster that deals heavy damage only, Shield up and use defensive cooldowns to mitigate it.

Thundaga Forte

Amon will drop a proximity marker in the center of the arena which spawns conal AoE markers around the entire area. A current (in a lighter color) will travel up two cones next to each other at different speeds, once they reach the end, the AoE will go off. Stand on the slower current first and then switch to the other once the first goes off.

Strophe and Antistrophe

Strophe will see Amon summon a gate on the ground. Antistrophe will then seem him raise it and, when the cast is finished, shoot out line-AoEs either side of the gate. Stand in safe spot away from the gate to avoid it. As the battle continues, Strophe can summon two gates in different locations, so you’ll have to be more careful with your positioning.

Left Firaga Forte, Right Firage Forte

Amon will cleave either the left or right side of the arena based on the attack he uses. Keep in mind that this is Amon’s left or right, not your camera’s so be sure to position accordingly.


This is a group-wide attack that deals moderate damage to all party members. Simply heal up and use Shields to mitigate.

Eruption Forte

Amon will summon a large circle AoE marker on the ground that will explode shortly after, move away from this to avoid it.

Curtain Call

This is Amon’s ultimate attack and takes a while to cast. To begin with, two circle AoEs will appear under random players and then explode shortly after. Once the cast bar reaches 50%, Shiva will appear and drop large blocks of ice in the center of the arena, this will damage you if you’re on the AoE so stand back and then quickly get behind them to avoid the Curtain Call attack. Any players that are not behind the crystals will suffer instant KO.


Amon the Undying has a lot of mechanics going on and understanding them is the key to victory. To begin with, he’ll always start with Dark Forte, a Tankbuster so ensure you have a Shield on the Tank and they use their defensive cooldowns. Amon will likely launch straight into Thundaga Forte following this, spawning conal AoEs around the entire arena starting at the center. If you look carefully at these, you’ll spot currents traveling towards the outside of them, when they reach the end, they’ll explode so stand on the slower current and then switch after the first one goes off.

The first time Amon uses Strophe, he’ll summon a single gate before using Antistrophe to raise it and shoot a line AoE outside both ends of this. The gate will be in the center of the arena, so simply stand to the sides to avoid the blast. Throughout the battle, he’ll use either Left Firaga Forte or Right Firaga Forte, this is a cleave on the side of the arena that is specified. This can be tricky as you’ll need to remember that it’s Amon’s left or right, not where your camera is most likely facing.

Getting struck by any of these mechanics will give you Vulnerability stacks, making Entr’acte, the arena-wide AoE hit for more damage so do your best to avoid them. Amon’s final standard attack during this phase is Eruption Forte, this will place a large circle AoE on the ground that will explode shortly after, you have enough time to quickly react if it’s placed near your starting position.

Amon will begin casting Curtain Call once he’s cycled through all of his attacks the first time, this is a long cast. To begin with, two Eruption Fortes will appear on the ground that you should avoid and then, once the cast bar reaches 50%, you’ll spot Shiva in the arena. She will drop a circle AoE in the center of the arena that conjures large ice crystals, quickly get behind it before Curtain Call finishes its cast to avoid an instant KO.

Not much of the battle changes following Curtain Call, Amon will summon a second gate during Strophe so you’ll need to position accordingly to avoid two line-AoE bursts across the screen. Curtain Call is the main danger in this battle, if you avoid that, you’ll be some way toward defeating Amon.

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