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The Killer Instinct (Level 70)

Sophia Hayes
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Job QuestThe Harvest Begins (Level 70)

The Killer Instinct quest introduces you to the main characters of the Reaper job questline and rewards you with a starting set of Reaper gear. You’ll get a full set of Level 70 armor, a starting Level 70 weapon, and a job crystal.

mainqueststart.pngFlustered Attendant: Ul’dah – Steps of Nald (X:12.8 Y:8.6).
20pxMap33Icon.pngNearest Aetheryte: Ul’dah

Quest NPC

The first quest to unlock Reaper is callled The Killer Instinct which can be started by speaking to the Flustered Attendant in Ul’dah.

The Killer Instinct Quest Location


60pxFeaturequest3Icon.pngSpeak with Jijilyo at the Sapphire Avenue Exchange.

60pxFeaturequest3Icon.pngSpeak with the loyal Lemure.

Speak to the Loyal Lemure

60pxFeaturequest3Icon.pngSpeak with the loyal Lemure.

60pxFeaturequest4Icon.pngSpeak with Drusilla.

Speak to Drusilla to turn in the Quest

This quest has a requirement of Level 70, so you will need to have at least one DPS job at Level 70 or higher in order to accept it. A blue quest marker with a plus sign will appear above the Flustered Attendant.

60pxFeaturequest3Icon.pngSpeak with the Loyal Lemure

Travel to the Loyal Lemure on the map at X: 13.5 Y: 11.5. The nearest Aether Crystal location is the Weavers Guild.

60pxFeaturequest4Icon.pngSpeak with Drusilla

Complete the quest by speaking with Drusilla inside the Lemur Headquarters.

(1 of 2) Unlock the Reaper Set

Unlock the Reaper Set (left), Reaper Unlocked! (right)

Completion Rewards

Expicon.png108000 GilIcon.png970

Completion Rewards

Icon Item
90pxSouloftheReaperIcon.png Soul of the Reaper
90pxMuzhikAttireCofferIcon.png Muzhik Gear Set (Item Level 385)
90pxDeepgoldWarScytheIcon.png Deepgold War Scythe

Muzhik Gear Set (Item Level 385)

Type Item
Head Muzhik Blinder
Body Muzhik Coat
Hands Muzhik Field Dressing
Legs Muzhik Trouser
Feet Muzhik Boots

You will then unlock a significant number of abilities. Make sure to read all the tooltips for each skill to get a feel for the classes rotation.

Unlocks Quest

You can continue the quest by picking up The Harvest Begins (Level 70) from Drusillia.


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