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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

Red Mage Rotation (patch 6.05)

Matt Chard
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This page will show you all the Openers, and Rotations for Red Mage for patch 6.05 in Endwalker.

General Opener

Red Mage General Opener.


  1. Five seconds before pull, start casting Verthunder IIIVerthunder_III_Red_Mage_Endwalker.png.
  2. Immediately after pull, cast Veraero III Veraero_III_Red_Mage_Endwalker.png.
  3. Weave in Swiftcast Swiftcast_SMN_Endwalker.png and Acceleration Acceleration_Red_Mage_Endwalker.png.
  4. Cast Verthunder III Verthunder_III_Red_Mage_Endwalker.png again.
  5. Use a Ticture of Intelligence Tincture_of_Intelligence.png.
  6. Cast Verthunder III Verthunder_III_Red_Mage_Endwalker.png a third time.
  7. Weave in Embolden Embolden_Red_Mage_Endwalker.png and Manafication Manification_Red_Mage_Endwalker.png.
  8. Cast Enchanted Riposte Enchanted_Riposte_Red_Mage_Endwalker.png.
  9. Weave in Fleche Fleche_Red_Mage_Endwalker.png.
  10. Cast Enchanted Zwerchhau Enchanted_Zwerchhau_Red_Mage_Endwalker.png.
  11. Weave in Contre Sixte Contre_Sixte_Red_Mage_Endwalker.png.
  12. Cast Enchanted Redoublement Enchanted_Redoublement_Red_Mage_Endwalker.png.
  13. Weave in Corps a Corps Corps_a_Corps_Red_Mage_Endwalker.png and Engagement Engagement_Red_Mage_Endwalker.png.
  14. Cast Scorch Scorch_Red_Mage_Endwalker.png.
  15. Cast Resolution Resolution_Red_Mage_Endwalker.png.
  16. Cast Verfire Verfire_Red_Mage_Endwalker.png.
  17. Cast Verthunder III Verthunder_III_Red_Mage_Endwalker.png a fourth time.
  18. Cast Verstone Verstone_Red_Mage_Endwalker.png.
  19. Cast Veraero III Veraero_III_Red_Mage_Endwalker.png.
  20. Cast Jolt II Jolt_II_Red_Mage_Endwalker.png. This can be replaced if you have any proc from either Verfire Verfire_Red_Mage_Endwalker.png or Verstone Verstone_Red_Mage_Endwalker.png.
  21. Cast Verthunder III Verthunder_III_Red_Mage_Endwalker.png for the last time.
  22. Finally, weave in Fleche Fleche_Red_Mage_Endwalker.png.

Red Mage Level 90 Single Rotation

Coming Soon!

Red Mage Level 90 AoE Rotation

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You missed Verholy and the second Corps+Engage.

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You missed Verholy and the second Corps+Engage.

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