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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

All Reaper Traits to Level 90

Matt Chard

Traits in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker modify your spells and abilities by increasing their potency, reducing their cooldown, or upgrading the spell to it’s next tier. Sometimes it can completely change the way the Job is played. The Reaper Job has 9 traits which starts at level 50 and ends at level 88. You can find what these do in the table below.

Reaper gets their first trait at level 50.

Icon Action Level Effect
Soul_Gauge_Reaper_Endwalker.png Soul Gauge 50 Allows for Soul Gauge accumulation upon the landing of certain actions, or defeating enemies under the effect of Death’s Design.
Death_Scythe_Mastery_Reaper_Endwalker.png Death Scythe Mastery 60 Increases the potency of Slice to 300, Waxing Slice to 140, Shadow of Death to 300, Harpe to 300, Spinning Scythe to 140, Infernal Slice to 140, Whorl of Death to 100, and Nightmare Scythe to 120.
Enhanced_Avatar_Reaper_Endwalker.png Enhanced Avatar 70 Grants the effect of Soul Reaver upon successfully landing Blood Stalk or Grim Swathe. Duration: 30s. Effect ends upon execution of any weaponskill or magic attack.
Hellsgate_Reaper_Endwalker.png Hellsgate 74 Upon executing Hell’s Ingress or Hell’s Egress, leave behind a Hellsgate and grant Threshold to self. Duration: 10s. Hell’s Ingress changes to Regress after executing Hell’s Egress, and vice versa.
Tempered_Soul_Reaper_Endwalker.png Tempered Soul 78 Allows the accumulation of charges for consecutive uses of Soul Slice and Soul Scythe. Maximum Charges: 2.
Shroud_Gauge_Reaper_Endwalker.png Shroud Gauge 80 Allows for Shroud Gauge accumulation upon the landing of Gibbet, Gallows, or Guillotine.
Enhanced_Arcane_Crest_Reaper_Endwalker.png Enhanced Arcane Crest 84 Grants Crest of Time Returned to self and nearby party members, gradually restoring HP over time. This effect is only granted when the Crest of Time Borrowed barrier is completely absorbed. Cure Potency: 100. Duration: 15s.
Enhanced_Shroud_Reaper_Endwalker.png Enhanced Shroud 86 Grants Void Shroud upon landing Void Reaping, Cross Reaping, or Grim Reaping.
Enhanced_Arcane_Circle_Reaper_Endwalker.png Enhanced Arcane Circle 88 Grants Circle of Sacrifice to you and nearby party members upon executing Arcane Circle. Duration: 5s. When you or party members under this effect successfully land a weaponskill or cast a spell, you may gain a stack of Immortal Sacrifice, up to a maximum of 8. Duration: 30s. Also grants Bloodsown Circle to self, allowing you to receive stacks of Immortal Sacrifice from party members under the effect of your Circle of Sacrifice. Duration: 6s.
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