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How to Unlock The Stigma Dreamscape

Ben Chard

On this page you can find all the details needed to begin the Level 90 Dungeon, The Stigma Dreamscape in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker. Details on what Quests unlock it.

Prerequisite Quest Quest Starting Location
Job Quest Where No Loporrit Has Gone Before (Level 90) Jammingway: Old Sharlayan - Tranquility (x:11, y:13.8)

The Stigma Dreamscape is a Level 90 post-story dungeon.

“For the first time since the fall of its civilization, the warmongering Stigma-4 is awake, its unbeating heart set on conquering a distant star─yours. Omicron N-7000 believes that the most effective means of deterrence is to convince its subconscious circuits of how poorly it would fare against Hydaelyn’s champion, and has opened a path to allow you to implant a pseudo-memory of just such a contest. Thus does it fall to you to answer the question─of what do matrices dream?”

Level Average Item Level Region
90 540 The Sea of Stars


(1 of 3) Map 1/3 for the Stigma Dreamscape


Arrive at A-4 Command: 0/1

You’ll find two packs of four enemies on the way to the first wall, watch out for the Level Tricker’s AoE. You’ll meet another pack of four once you head down the path, with a second pack of three (stronger) enemies by the next door, this can be a tough pull if you’re pulling both packs.

Clear A-4 Command: 0/1

Defeat Proto-Omega here to continue. You’ll receive a Treasure Coffer upon defeat.

Arrive at A-4 Conquest: 0/1

You’ll encounter a group of four Omicron Invaders, followed by two Lambda Invaders, these have the ability to use a Tankbuster, Wheel, so be sure to keep an eye on the Tank’s HP. This is a difficult pull so be sure to use strong defensive cooldowns and prepare to Heal through it. There’s a Treasure Coffer to the side of the path before crossing, then you’ll encounter a pack of four, including a Delta Invader, these have a line-AoE. Just beyond these is another pack of three enemies, you can pull both groups, but expect a lot of damage. There’s a second Treasure Coffer at the end of this path before the boss.

Clear A-4 Conquest: 0/1

Defeat Arch-Lambda here to continue. You’ll receive a Treasure Coffer upon defeat.

Arrive at A-4 Headquarters: 0/1

A pack of five enemies will aggro as you slide down the path, followed by two Hybrid Dragons, these have a line-AoE that you should look to Stun if possible. There’s a Treasure Coffer at the wall here. You’ll encounter a pack of three enemies followed by a final group of three, including an Omega Frame, this is the toughest pull of the dungeon so ensure that your Healer is prepared for heavy healing. Another Treasure Coffer sits to the side of the path leading towards the boss.

Defeat Stigma-4: 0/1

You’ll have to defeat Stigma-4 in the final boss battle here. The dungeon is complete following your victory and you’ll receive another Treasure Coffer before the exit.


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