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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

RA-LA Boss (The Dead Ends)

Matt Chard

On this page you can find all the details needed to defeat Ra-Ia, the last boss in the Level 90 Dungeon, The Dead Ends in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker (FFXIV). Details on the mechanics along with how to tank and heal.

Ra-Ia is the final boss of The Dead Ends.



This is your typical tankbuster. Tanks should use a defensive cooldown to mitigate the damage whilst the healer can heal the rest.

Pity is Ra-La’s tankbuster, make sure you have a defensive cooldown available is you’re a tank.

Warm Glow

This attack is a room-wide AoE. This will deal approximately 50% HP of damage. Either pre-cast an AoE shield beforehand or an AoE regen like Medica II.

(1 of 2) Warm Glow is Ra-La’s raid-wide attack.

Warm Glow is Ra-La’s raid-wide attack. (left), This will be a room-wide AoE that does approximately half your health. (right)


This is one of Ra-La’s main attacks. It’ll jump around the arena four times whilst dropping large golden circles across the arena. These will go off in the order that they appeared. To avoid this, stand on the last circle that appeared, and move towards the first circle once it has gone off.


This is the other big attack that Ra-La has. It’ll head to the edge of the arena, and charge up a line AoE that goes straight across. After the AoE has finished, butterflies will appear in the same line. These will have arrows point the direction their attack will go off, if you’re hit by this, you’ll receive a Doom debuff which must be cleansed by Esuna. To avoid the attack, stand next to the butterflies with the arrow pointing away from you.


This is your typical stack marker attack. Often used after Lightsbreath or Still Embrace. Stack up to share the damage.

Benevolence is a party stack attack. The whole party will need to stack to share the damage.

Loving Embrace

The Boss will raise one of its wings, which can be seen as a white/blue glow, and cleave the entire side of the arena of where it’s wing is. Stand on the opposite wing to avoid this attack.

Still Embrace

This is your typical spread marker attack on all party members, move away from other party members to mitigate the damage.

Still Embrace is Ra-La’s party spread attack. Spread away from the rest of the party to avoid overlapping the purple markers.


This is probably the easier boss in the dungeon, as it only has two main attacks to worry about. Prance can catch you off guard if you’ve not done the fight before, but when you realize what’s going on, you’ll never be hit by it again. When Ra-La does this attack, it’ll drop four large golden circles around the arena, detonating in the order that they appear. Stand on the last circle, and wait for the first circle to explode before moving into its position.

The other attack is Lightsbreath. Ra-La will head to the edge of the arena, and fire off a line AoE across it. Shortly after, butterflies will appear where the AoE went off, and they’ll have arrows pointing in the direction that their attacks will fire. Stand next to the butterfly with the arrow pointing the opposite direction to you to avoid it, because if you’re hit by it, you’ll receive a Doom debuff which’ll kill you if it isn’t cleansed by Esuna.

One other attack which might catch you off guard is Loving Embrace. Ra-La will raise one of its wings, and it’ll glow in a white/blueish hue, then it’ll proceed to cleave the entire side of the arena where its glowing wing is. When you see the boss casting Loving Embrace, check its wing to see which one is glowing, then stand on the other wing to avoid the attack.

The rest of its attacks are your typical attacks you’ll see in all boss fights. This includes Benevolence (Party stack), Still Embrace (Party spread), Pity (Tankbuster), and Warm Glow (Raid-wide AoE). Once you have the Prance, and Lightsbreath attacks down, the rest of them shouldn’t cause you any problems.

How to Tank

How to Heal

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