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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

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Gunbreaker Rotation (patch 6.05)

Matt Chard

This page will show you all the Openers, and Rotations for Gunbreaker in patch 6.05 in Endwalker.

General Opener

Gunbreaker General Opener.


  1. Cast Keen Edge KeenEdgeGunbreakerEndwalkerFFXIV.png.
  2. Cast Brutal Shell BrutalShellGunbreakerEndwalkerFFXIV.png.
  3. Use a Tincture of Strength 0e330671ae2fa03d4fb117f2914773d1839735e7.png.
  4. Cast Solid Barrel SolidBarrelGunbreakerEndwalkerFFXIV.png.
  5. Weave in No Mercy NoMercyGunbreakerEndwalkerFFXIV.png.
  6. Cast Gnashing Fang GnashingFangGunbreakerEndwalkerFFXIV.png.
  7. Weave in both Bloodfest BloodFestGunbreakerEndwalkerFFXIV.png and Jugular Rip JugularRipGunbreakerEndwalkerFFXIV.png.
  8. Cast Double Down DoubleDownGunbreakerEndwalkerFFXIV.png.
  9. Weave in both Blasting Zone BlastingZoneGunbreakerEndwalkerFFXIV.png and Bow Shock BowShockGunbreakerEndwalkerFFXIV.png.
  10. Cast Sonic Break SonicBreakGunbreakerEndwalkerFFXIV.png.
  11. Weave in Rough Divide RoughDivideGunbreakerEndwalkerFFXIV.png.
  12. Cast Savage Claw SavageClawGunbreakerEndwalkerFFXIV.png.
  13. Weave in both Abdomen Tear AbdomenTearGunbreakerEndwalkerFFXIV.png and Rough Divide RoughDivideGunbreakerEndwalkerFFXIV.png.
  14. Cast Wicked Talon WickedTalonGunbreakerEndwalkerFFXIV.png.
  15. Weave in Eye Gouge EyeGougeGunbreakerEndwalkerFFXIV.png.
  16. Cast Burst Strike BurstStrikeGunbreakerEndwalkerFFXIV.png.
  17. Weave in Hypervelocity HypervelocityGunbreakerEndwalkerFFXIV.png.
  18. Cast Keen Edge KeenEdgeGunbreakerEndwalkerFFXIV.png.
  19. Cast Brutal Shell BrutalShellGunbreakerEndwalkerFFXIV.png.
  20. Finish with Solid Barrel SolidBarrelGunbreakerEndwalkerFFXIV.png.

Gunbreaker Level 90 Rotation

Coming Soon!

Gunbreaker Level 90 AoE Rotation

Coming Soon!


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