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How to Unlock Smileton

Ben Chard

On this page you can find all the details needed to begin the Level 90 Dungeon, Smileton in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker. Details on what Quests unlock it.

Prerequisite Quest Quest Starting Location
Job Quest Cutting the Cheese (Level 90) Panic-stricken Loporrit: Old Sharlayan - The Studium (x:11.8, y:11.4)

Smileton is one of the endgame 6.0 dungeons for Endwalker.

“Smileton was to be a paradise for the people of Etheirys, a refuge where every need is met, its inhabitants content and happy for all their days. But what is happiness? In pursuit of an answer, the Loporrits created the Big Cheese, designed to make manifest all they might need and more to fulfill the needs of their passengers-to-be. They were eager to please─perhaps, too eager─and their plans became more fickle, each new idea a betrayal of the last. The Big Cheese now burrows toward the center of the moon, a labyrinth of contradiction left in its wake. If left unchecked, its wanton pursuit of happiness may very well spell the end of the moon.”

Level Average Item Level Region
90 540 The Sea of Stars


(1 of 3) Map 1/3 for Smileton


Arrive at Smileport: 0/1

To begin with, after passing through the first two doors, you’ll find a pack of three enemies followed by a second at the top of the stairs, fight them here. Two more packs of enemies await further ahead, you can pull these together but the Healer should be prepared for a tough pull.

Clear Smileport: 0/1

Defeat Face here to continue. You’ll receive a Treasure Coffer upon defeat.

Arrive at the Welcome Wheel: 0/1

A group of three enemies await down the stairs, and can be pulled to the group of Smiley Kissers, be sure to open the Treasure Coffer on the left here. A pack of three enemies will run towards you, pull these to the wall where a second pack of four enemies await, a second Treasure Coffer awaits in the corner here.

Clear the Welcome Wheel: 0/1

Defeat Frameworker here to continue. You’ll receive a Treasure Coffer upon defeat.

Arrive at the Frame: 0/1

This final part of the dungeon has no walls, so you can technically pull all four groups however this is a mistake and will often result in a wipe. It’s a much more sound idea to pull them in groups of two packs as you’ll need to contend with AoEs here. Smiley Supporter will use a donut-AoE whereas the Smiley Sweeper will use left and right cleaves. A final Treasure Coffer sits on the side here.

Defeat the Big Cheese: 0/1

You’ll have to defeat The Big Cheese in the final boss battle here. The dungeon is complete following your victory and you’ll receive another Treasure Coffer before the exit.


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