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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

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All New Warrior Traits to Level 90

Matt Chard

A list of all the new Traits to 90 for Warrior in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker. Warrior receives a healing effect to Shake it off, Raw Intuition gets upgraded to Bloodwhetting, whilst Nascent Flash also gets enhanced. Finally, Onslaught gets another charge, and they receive a potency increase across their main combo.

Six new traits were added in the Endwalker expansion.

Icon Action Level Effect
EnhancedShakeItOffWarriorEndwalker.png Enhanced Shake It Off 76 Adds a healing effect to Shake It Off.
RawIntuitionMasteryWarriorEndwalker.png Raw Intuition Mastery 82 Upgrades Raw Intuition to Bloodwhetting.
EnhancedNascentFlashWarriorEndwalker.png Enhanced Nascent Flash 82 Extends the duration of Nascent Flash and Nascent Glint to 8 seconds. Grants Stem the Flow to target, reducing damage taken by 10%. Duration: 4s. Grants Stem the Tide to target, nullifying damage equivalent to a heal of 400 potency. Duration: 20s.
EnhancedEquilibriumFlashWarriorEndwalker.png Enhanced Equilibrium 84 Grants healing over time to self. Cure Potency: 200. Duration: 15s.
MeleeMasteryWarriorEndwalker.png Melee Mastery 84 Increases the potency of Heavy Swing to 200, Maim to 130, Storm’s Path to 120, and Storm’s Eye to 120.
EnhancedOnslaughtWarriorEndwalker.png Enhanced Onslaught 88 Allows a third charge of Onslaught.


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