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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

Sage's Focus (Level 70)

Sophia Hayes

This page will explain how to start and complete the level 70 Job quest for Sage called Sage’s Focus in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker.

Speak with Lalah Jinjahl in Idyllshire

Teleport to Idyllshire in Dravania and meet Lalah Jinjahl at the steps (X: 7.3 Y: 7.0).

Meet Lalah Jinjahl at the steps in Idyllshire

Stand Lookout for Fugitives

After you have clicked the glowing lookout point a cutscene will follow.

Interact with the glowing lookout point

Render aid to the refined Man

Watch the cut scene and then aid the Refinded Man. Another cutscene will ensue.

Interact with the Refined Man

#Speak with Lalah Jinjahl

After the cutscene speak with Lalah Jinjahl once again.

Speak with Lalah Jinjahl in front of Saint Mocianne’s Arboretum

Travel back to the Cenotaph (entrance gate) of Iddlyshire and then proceed to the south-west exit. From here continue travelling south-west to Saint Mocianne’s Arboretum (X 10.2 Y: 23.3. Z 1.0) where you will find Lalah Jinjahl.

Lalah Jinjals location outside Saint Mocianne’s Arboretum

Speak with Lalah Jinjahl again

Speak with her again to initiate a Duty instance.

Duty location

Duty Details

Duty Level Item Level
Sage’s Focus 70 395

Step 1: Kast Kardia on Lalah Jijahl

Cast Kardia on Lalah Jinjahl

Step 2: Next cast Eukrasia and then cast Eukrasian Diagnosis on Lalah Jinjahl

This will add a magick barrier to Lalah. Your attacks will also heal her due to Kardia.

Step 3: Eliminate the Wildlife

You can then proceed further into the Duty.

(1 of 2) Cast Eukrasia then Eukrasian Diagnosis

Cast Eukrasia then Eukrasian Diagnosis (left), Defeat the Malboro Terra (right)

Another small fight awaits you before you can progress.

Step 4: Search for Fugitives

Click the first peculiar Trace and then three more will appear. Click each one then another three will appear. Click them all again.

Click all the Peculiar samples to complete the Duty,

Exit the dungeon to complete the Duty. A cutscene will then play.

Defeat Loifa and his Accomplices

You must first fight Ancel Rockfist, followed by Loida Brighteye and Mahaud Flamehand.
Casting Kardia on Lalah is helpful to keep her health topped up while you to damage.

(1 of 3) Ancel Rockfist

After defeating Loifa and his accomplices you will be treated to another cutscene.

60px_Featurequest4_Icon.pngSpeak to Lalah Jinjahl

Speak to Lalah Jinjahl again and return to Idyllshire to complete the quest.

Completion reward

For completing the quest you will receive the following reward:

Expicon.png216000 Gil_Icon.png2383

The next Sage Job Quest is called Sands of Despair and is available at Level 73.

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