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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

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How to Unlock Vanaspati

Ben Chard

On this page you can find all the details needed to begin the Level 83 Dungeon, The Tower of Babil in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker. Details on what Quests unlock it.

Prerequisite Quest Quest Starting Location
40pxMainquest1Icon.png Skies Aflame (Level 85) Tataru: Old Sharlayan (Zone) - Archons’ Design (x:9.2, y:11.4)

Vanaspati is the third dungeon (Level 85) in FFXIV Endwalker.

“The skies over Thavnair are aflame, and panic spreads through the populace like wildfire. One by one, civilians are twisted into grotesque fiends, hells-bent on slaughtering everything in sight. The deadliest of these creatures leads its newly spawned kin through the jungle, towards a number of smaller settlements, and as such, Ahewann has dispatched his Radiant Host to forestall the carnage. Though Vrtra, too, lends his strength to the cause, even that may prove insufficient, and thus do the Scions enter the fray.”

Level Average Item Level Region
85 510 Islabard


(1 of 2) Map 1/2 for Vanaspati

Map 1/2 for Vanaspati (left), Map 2/2 for Vanaspati. (right)


Arrive in Trnakiya: 0/1

At the start of this dungeon, you’ll encounter a lone enemy before you reach Vtra, this should be pulled to his side as another pack of enemies will spawn after he’s finished speaking. Once the wall of fire falls, you’ll find two more packs of enemies which can be taxing on the healer so remember your defensive cooldowns.

Clear Trnakiya: 0/1

Defeat Terminus Snatcher here to continue. You’ll receive a Treasure Coffer upon defeat.

Arrive in Insight: 0/1

You’ll encounter a group of three enemies up the path that you can run to the first wall before coming to an opening. the NPCs here will transform into a large group that you’ll need to defeat before the next wall falls. Open the nearby Treasure Coffer and then pull the next two packs towards the second Treasure Coffer to clear the next wall.

Clear Insight: 0/1

Defeat Terminus Wrecker here to continue. You’ll receive a Treasure Coffer upon defeat.

Arrive in Devatagara: 0/1

There’s a single pack of four enemies before the first wall along with a Treasure Coffer. The final platform will see two enemies, followed by a pack of four that ambushes you during the battle. Be sure to open the Treasure Coffer before proceeding to Devatagara.

Clear Devatagara: 0/1

You’ll have to defeat Svarbhanu in the final boss battle here. The dungeon is complete following your victory and you’ll receive another Treasure Coffer before the exit.

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