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The Gift of Mercy (Level 90)

Shane Williams

The Gift of Mercy - How to start and complete the Role-Quest in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker (FF XIV). Details on how to defeat Charlet.

Speak with the Blasphemy Hunter to begin this quest.


Job Quest Trail of Skulls

Starting NPC

Job Quest Blasphemy Hunter

The Blasphemy Hunter can be found at (X: 36.3, Y: 31.7) in The Lochs.

20pxMap33Icon.pngNearest Aetheryte: The Ala Mhigan Quarter


The Blasphemy Hunter is even more flustered than usual, and with good reason.


siderepeatable.png Speak with Raubahn

Once you’ve accepted the quest, you’ll be taken into a duty.

siderepeatable.png Defeat Charlet

Here you’ll need to work alongside Fordola Lupis and Raubahn in order to defeat Charlet. As the battle begins be sure to quickly shield/regen all members of the party, then Raubahn will tank the enemy whilst you and Fordola get to work on taking it down.

However, you’ll want to be in position so you can see Raubahns health easily, as you may need to throw him a heal here and there throughout the battle. You’ll also need to pay close attention to the Charlet’s Health Bar, as it’ll perform several attacks throughout the battle that could be punshing if you were to get hit. Below you’ll find all the attacks Charlet will perform and how to best avoid them.

  • Throes of Remorse

Throes of Remorse is a simple line AoE that you can avoid by moving to the side of it.

  • Leveinspere Evocation

Leveinspere Evocation will involve Charlet summoning several purple orbs to the battlefield which will eventually have large AoEs around them, so you’ll want to stand to the North, East, South to avoid it. To make your life easier, just look for Fordola as she’ll be standing in the correct spot.

  • Ground Pound

Ground Pound is a simple knockback AoE that can be avoided by running to the center of the battlefield.

  • Shock

Shock will involve Charlet summoning three pillars to the battlefield and you’ll want to make sure everyone is standing in one to decrease the amount of damage taken.

(1 of 4) When Charlet performs Throes of Remorse, move the side of the AoE

  • Cloud Call

Cloud Call will summon multiple Clouds onto the battlefield which will go over in the order they were summoned and place small AoEs. If you are unsure where to stand, follow Fordola.

  • Fulminous Torment

Fulminous Torment will place an AoE marker on Fordola which you’ll want to stay away from, then you’ll want to quickly Esuna her to take away Electrocution, as it’ll slowly drain her health.

siderepeatable.png Speak with Raubahn

Upon defeating Charlet, speak with Raubahn at (X: 33.6, Y: 34.0).

sidecomplete.png Speak with the Ala Mhigan ambassador in Sundrop

Finally, teleport to Radz-at-Han, make your way over to (X: 7.6, Y: 9.6) and speak with the Ala Mhigan Delegate to bring this quest to a close.

Completion Rewards

Gil Other
065002hr1.png 2,000 SavageMightMateriaIXIconFFXIV.png2 SavageAimMateriaIXIconFFXIV.png2 PietyMateriaIXIconFFXIV.png2


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