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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

How to Get Wolf Collars in PvP

Matt Chard

In patch 6.1, PvP in Final Fantasy XIV got a significant overhaul with a new game mode added called Crystalline Conflict. Alongside the new game mode, new rewards were added as well as a new battle pass type system called Series Malmstone.

What are Wolf Collars

You can purchase Wolf Collars from the crystal quartermaster in the Wolf’s Den PvP area, they cost 1000 Trophy Crystals and can be spent on various items including glamour gear. With the introduction of the Series Malmstone battle pass system, you can level it up and gain Trophy Crystals currency as a reward as well as specific gear with this season’s battle pass being the Archfiend Set.

(1 of 2) Wolf Collars can be exchanged for gear in Wolf’s Den.

Wolf Collars can be exchanged for gear in Wolf’s Den. (left), The free Series Malmstones season pass is a new addition to PvP in Final Fantasy XIV. (right)

Best way to get Wolf Collars

At the moment, the best way to get Wolf Collars is by leveling up your Season Pass as quickly as possible as this’ll grant you the currency you need to purchase the Collars. Now is the best time to get into it as the queues for Crystalline Conflict is almost instant as it’s still new. Expect this to dwindle a bit as time goes by. Right now, Crystalline Conflict will reward you 700 Series EXP for a loss, and 900 EXP for a win. This means ideally you’ll want to win most of your matches if you want to level up your Series Malmstone as fast as possible.

Crystalline Conflict Tips

To win games more often, you’ll need to get better at PvP and Crystalline Conflict to help your team. Here are a few tips which’ll help you do this.

A lot of the common skills including purify are necessary to playing optimally.

  • Recuperate is one of your best skills and everyone gets it. This skill will heal you for 15000 HP at a cost of 2500 MP. Furthermore, it only has a 1-second recast, and should be used whenever you take significant damage. Retreat from the fight, and heal up to keep you going.

  • Purify is another fantastic ability that eveyone gets. Are you getting frustrated at being stunned and not being able to move? Purify will fix that, as it removes Stun, Heavy, Bind, Silence, Half-asleep, Sleep, and Deep Freeze. Furthermore, it nullifies the effect you removed for 5 seconds after it, meaning if you removed Stun, you won’t be stunnable again for at least another 5 seconds!

  • Guard will reduce all incoming damage by 90% as well as grant immunity to Stun, Heavy, Bind, Silence, Half-asleep, Sleep, and Deep Freeze and Draw-in effects. This ability does come with a cost though, any action will remove the guard effect, and movement will be reduced by 50% whilst the Guard effect is active. This is best used when an opponent/s try to rush in and burst you down.

You may be wondering why the past few tips are mentioning the common abilities? It’s because hardly anyone (including myself) uses them when they start up PvP as the exotic job abilities sound more appetizing, but the common skills are the fundamental skills in PvP that you’ll need to learn when to use to get better. Now we’ll talk about important tips for the game mode, Crystalline Conflict.

How to Play Crystalline Confilct

First things first, the objective is the most essential part of winning. It may seem obvious, but it’s easy to get sidetracked chasing after the opponents for a kill. The objective of Crystalline Conflict is to transport the giant Tactical Crystal to the opponent’s goal, the way to do this is by removing the opponent’s outside the ring around said crystal. When you have achieved that goal, the crystal will begin to move across a dedicated path. At certain points during its travels, you’ll come across checkpoints indicated by a circular plate.

(1 of 3) Crystalline Conflict is a new PvP game mode in Endwalker.

When you arrive at a checkpoint, the crystal will stop for a period of time when the opposition can try to get it back by kicking your team outside the ring whilst they stay in it. After the progress bar reaches 100%, the crystal will begin to move again, if the opposition gets it back, the crystal will have increased speed until it gets to the point where you first won it.

Throughout the match, Medicine kits will appear around the arena that’ll heal for 30,000 HP when used and will slowly return over time. These are indicated by a green potion icon with a heart in the middle, and they can be key to winning a skirmish, so make sure you keep your eye out for them. For the most part, you’ll want to stick near your team at all times, especially near the healer. Although advanced strategies using the Sprint Zones or Arena Events to flank the opposition will be more commonplace once the game mode has been out a while.

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