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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

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Sage Council (Level 88)

Sophia Hayes

Sage Council (Level 88) - How to start and complete this Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker (FF XIV) Main Scenario Quest.

Previous Quest Next Quest
mainqueststart.pngAgriculture Shock (Level 88) mainqueststart.pngHither and Yarns (Level 88)

Quest NPC

mainqueststart.pngUrianger: Labyrinthos - The Central Circuit - Logistikon Alpha (X:28.9 Y:27.4)
20pxMap33Icon.pngNearest Aetheryte: Sharlayan Hamlet

Quest NPC is Urianger


Urianger appears to be tallying the Loporrits in preparation for an imminent departure.


60pxMainquest3Icon.pngSpeak with Growingway.

Speak with Growingway

60pxMainquest3Icon.pngSpeak with the troubled researcher.

Speak with the Troubled Researcher.

60pxMainquest3Icon.pngSeek out troubled souls in Sharlayan Hamlet. 0/8

Speak with the Unconcerned Gleaner.

Number Troubled Soul Coordinates
1 Ponderous Mathematician X: 22.9 Y: 20.9 Z: 1.9
2 Distracted Researcher X: 20.7 Y: 18.1 Z: 1.9
3 Harried Aetherologist X: 22.2 Y: 20.0 Z: 2.0
4 Grimacing Naturalist X: 22.4 Y: 20.5 Z: 1.9
5 Anxious Engineer X: 21.1 Y: 20.4 Z: 1.9
6 Despondent Engineer X: 21.1 Y: 21.6 Z: 1.9
7 Skeptical Researcher X: 21.0 Y: 22.2 Z: 1.9
8 Hyperventilating Engineer X: 21.5 Y: 18.9 Z: 1.9

(1 of 8) Hyper ventilating engineer

60pxMainquest3Icon.pngWait at the destination.

Wait at the destination.

60pxMainquest3Icon.pngSpeak with Urianger.

Speak with Urianger.

Completion Rewards

EXP Gil Other Rewards
065001hr1.png 501,600 065002hr1.png 1,244 Foot Gear Coffer Chondrite Foot Coffer

Unlocks Quests

Type Quest Name
mainqueststart.png Hither and Yarns (Level 88)


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