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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

All New Monk Traits to Level 90

Matt Chard

A list of all the new Traits for Monk in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker. One trait increases the DPS on many of their skills, whilst some traits upgrade their current skills in to new ones.

Nine new traits were added in the Endwalker expansion.

Icon Action Level Effect
Steel_Peak_Mastery_Monk_Endwalker.png Steel Peak Mastery (Job Quest) 54 Upgrades Steel Peak to The Forbidden Chakra.
Enhanced_Perfect_Balance_Mastery_Monk_Endwalker.png Enhanced Perfect Balance (Job Quest) 60 When under the effect of Perfect Balance, grants Beast Chakra in accordance with the form normally required to execute weaponskills. Weaponskills requiring opo-opo form grant Opo-opo Chakra. Weaponskills requiring coeurl form grant Coeurl Chakra. Weaponskills requiring raptor form grant Raptor Chakra.
Howling_Fist_Mastery_Monk_Endwalker.png Howling Fist Mastery 74 Upgrades Howling Fist to Enlightenment.
Arm_of_the_Destroyer_Mastery_Monk_Endwalker.png Arm of the Destroyer Mastery 82 Upgrades Arm of the Destroyer to Shadow of the Destroyer.
Enhanced_Thunderclap_Monk_Endwalker.png Enhanced Thunderclap 84 Allows a third charge of Thunderclap.
Melee_Mastery_Monk_Endwalker.png Melee Mastery 84 Increases the potency of Bootshine to 210, True Strike to 300, Snap Punch to 250, Twin Snakes to 280, Demolish to 70, Dragon Kick to 320, The Forbidden Chakra to 340, and Six-sided Star to 550.
Flint_Strike_Mastery_Monk_Endwalker.png Flint Strike Mastery 84 Upgrades Flint Strike to Rising Phoenix.
Enhanced_Brotherhood_Monk_Endwalker.png Enhanced Brotherhood 84 Guarantees that a chakra will open when you are under the effect of Meditative Brotherhood and execute a weaponskill or cast a spell.
Tornado_Kick_Mastery_Monk_Endwalker.png Tornado Kick Mastery 84 Upgrades Tornado Kick to Phantom Rush.
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