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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

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Lugae Boss (Tower of Babil)

Ben Chard

On this page you can find all the details needed to defeat Lugae, the second boss in the Level 83 Dungeon, The Tower of Babil in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker (FFXIV). Details on the mechanics along with how to tank and heal.

Lugae is the second boss in the Tower of Babil.


Thermal Suppression

Lugae will shoot a barrage of rockets into the air that explode all over the arena, dealing moderate damage to the entire party. He will always start the battle with this so prepare with Shields/Regen along with regular healing.

Magitek Missile

Lugae will fire two rockets this time, with two circular AoE markers appearing in random locations (usually right next to each other), simply move away from them to avoid it.

Magitek Ray

He will aim a Line-AoE at a random party member, you have plenty of time to move away from this and is easier to avoid if you’re spread out.

Magitek Chakram

Lugae will retreat to the center of the arena and summon Chakrams that line one side of the arena. If you look to the sides of Lugae, you’ll spot a purple square and a green square, these will give you a different transformation when walked upon. For this one, you’ll want to stand on the purple square to receive the Minimum transformation. He will summon a second line of Chakrams straight after the first.

Magitek Explosive

He will drop three large spike bombs in random places on the arena, these will then explode in a line AoE across the arena. You must place yourself in the safe spot where these line AoEs will not intersect (the markers will only appear for a short while before exploding).


Lugae will retreat to the center of the arena and flood the arena, causing Breathless to all party members, once this reaches 8 stacks, it will kill you. To avoid this, stand on the green square to receive the Toad transformation, allowing you to breathe throughout this attack.


Lugae is a much simpler battle than Barnabas once you understand which of the two squares cast which transformation. He will always start the battle with Thermal Suppression, so the Healer should prepare with a group Shield/Regen to deal with it. He will then use a mixture of Magitek Missile (two random AoE circles), Magitek Ray (line AoE directed at a random party member), and Magitek Explosive (three spike bombs that explode in a line).

Of all of these, Magitek Ray is by the easiest to avoid, you’ll get plenty of time to dodge it and it’s only directed at one party member. For Magitek Explosive, try to trace a line in front of each bomb to determine where the safe spot is. The main mechanic of this battle begins when he retreats to the center of the arena to use one of two attacks. Pay attention to the squares either side of him, you’ll need to stand on either one of them to deal with each of the mechanics. Magitek Chakram will place a line of Chakrams that will shoot across the arena, quickly stand on the purple square to receive the Minimum status and you’ll avoid all damage from it.

If he uses Downpour, the entire arena will be flooded and you’ll begin accumulating stacks of Breathless, if this reaches 8 stacks, it will KO you. To avoid it, step on the green square to receive the Toad status, allowing you to breathe for the duration of the attack. During Downpour, you’ll have to deal with Lugae using Magitek Missile multiple times, this is simple to avoid so long as you keep moving. This is a fairly simple battle so long as you remember to use the purple square for Magitek Chakram and the green square for Downpour.

How to Tank

Like the battle with Barnabas, there are no real specific tasks for Tanks (outside the general duty of tanking) in this Boss, all his mechanics revolve around the whole party. None of his attacks hit especially tough and are simple to avoid, however note you will gain stacks of Vulnerability for each Chakram that hits you so be sure to have the Minimum status (purple square) to avoid it.

How to Heal

Lugae is another relatively simple boss to heal, as there aren’t any Tankbusters and there’s only one stand out attack you should be ready for. Thermal Suppression which will cause moderately damage to the entire party, so make sure to have Regan active whilst throwing in some AoE Heals.

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