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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

Proto-Omega Boss (The Stigma Dreamscape)

Ben Chard

On this page you can find all the details needed to defeat Proto-Omega, the first boss in the Level 90 Dungeon, The Stigma Dreamscape in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker (FFXIV). Details on the mechanics along with how to tank and heal.

Proto-Omega is the first boss of the Stigma Dreamscape.


Side Cannons

Proto-Omega will display arrows along one side of itself, giving you a short amount of time to get to the other side to avoid the cleave on that side of the arena. This is easier to avoid if the Tank has the boss positioned centrally.

Forward/Rear Interceptors

Proto-Omega will cleave the entire half of the arena behind/in front of it, all players should move to the front/back of the boss to avoid damage.

Chemical Missile

Three players will be randomly targeted with a circle-AoE, they must drop these away from the boss (preferably in the corners) as they will leave a lava circle on the ground which, when stood in, inflicts the Burning debuff.

Electric Slide

Proto-Omega will target a random party member with a stack marker. This will also have the knockback effect so the player should run to the center of the arena so players can stack and avoid being pushed out of the arena. Alternatively, players can use Arm’s Length or Surecast to nullify the knockback part of this attack.

Guided Missile

Two players will be randomly tethered to a missile, these will explode after a short while, dropping another small lava circle so both players will need to kite their missile around to avoid it coming into contact with them (or another player).

Mustard Bomb

This is a Tankbuster that deals heavy damage only, Shield up and use defensive cooldowns to mitigate it.


As daunting as the site of Omega may be, this version of it is a lot simpler than the the Omega you fought back in the Raid. As a rule, you’ll want your Tank to tank Proto-Omega at the back of the room with its back to the rest of the party, this will make a lot of the positional mechanics a lot easier to avoid.

To begin with, Proto-Omega will always begin the battle with Side Cannons, this will be a cleave on the side of the arena that the arrows are pointing to, you’ll have time to get to the other side before the attack activates. In general, all players should be close to Omega, this will make avoiding these mechanics a lot easier. Following this attack, the outside of the arena will be surrounded in electricity so be sure to avoid being pushed into it.

You’ll see your first look at Forward/Rear Interceptors following this, like the Side Cannons, Proto-Omega will cleave either behind it or in front of it so be sure to run through Proto-Omega to avoid whichever direction the attack is coming from. Proto-Omega will then target three random players with a circle-AoE marker, these players should spread out as you’ll drop a lava circle-AoE in that position, the corners are great for this. Be ready however, once you drop them, Proto-Omega will begin casting Electric Slide, this is a knockback Stack marker so make sure the targeted player runs to the center and you position yourself, so you avoid the lava and the edge of the arena (alternatively use Surecast/Arm’s Length).

Proto-Omega will use its second missile attack following this, Guided Missile, where it will target two players at random with a tethered missile. These players must kite these away from where you’re fighting the boss while also ensuring it doesn’t hit them, or else you’ll suffer a stack of Vulnerability. In addition, when the missile explodes, it’ll leave a smaller lava AoE so be sure to kite it away from where you’ll be fighting Proto-Omega.

Proto-Omega may use Electric Slide and Mustard Bomb, its Tankbuster, following Guided Missile, before returning to its other mechanics. This time around, it will start using both Guided and Chemical Missiles at the same time, so you’ll need to think carefully about where you drop both of the AoEs. The rest of the battle will play out the same way, so long as you understand how to avoid Proto-Omega’s positional mechanics, the rest of the battle shouldn’t cause too many issues.

How to Tank

Positioning is an important factor in this battle, Proto-Omega has two attacks that will cleave the sides or front/back of it and having it move around constantly will make this much tougher to avoid. Always Tank it at the back of the room, with its back facing the rest of the party, that way the party can deal with the mechanics easier. Outside of this, ensure you don’t let the Guided Missile hit you and always remember to drop your Chemical Missile in a nearby corner.

How to Heal

Outside of Electric Slide, there’s not much group damage to worry about. There’s the usual Tankbuster, Mustard Bomb, to think about, and Chemical Missile will deal minor damage to the whole group, just ensure you drop your circle in a safe place. Instead, it’s imperative that you avoid Proto-Omega’s positional attacks, failing two of these will kill you outright.

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