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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

Peacekeeper Boss (The Dead Ends)

Matt Chard

On this page you can find all the details needed to defeat Peacekeeper, the second boss in the Level 90 Dungeon, The Dead Ends in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker (FFXIV). Details on the mechanics along with how to tank and heal.

Peacekeeper is the second boss of The Dead Ends.



This attack is a room-wide AoE that puts a fire hazard zone around the edge of the arena that gives the burns DoT debuff if it’s touched.

(1 of 2) Peacekeeper will start the battle with Decimation.

Peacekeeper will start the battle with Decimation. (left), This will be a room-wide AoE as well as placing a hazard zone around the arena. (right)

Electromagnetic Repellant

This will make the target circle around the boss turn into an electric hazard zone. This’ll deal constant damage to you for as long as you are in it, as well as give you a vulnerability debuff.

(1 of 2) Electromagnetic Repellant will fill up the bosss target circle with an electric current

Electromagnetic Repellant will fill up the bosss target circle with an electric current (left), dont touch it, or youll receive some damage and a vulnerability stack. (right)

Order to fire

The Peacekeeper will spawn turrets all around him, then cast Order to Fire. This’ll make the turrets turn into green orbs which they’ll shoot out in front of them in a small cone AoE. The safe spot for these will be in-between two of the turrets, standing near to the fire hazard zone. This is usually accompanied by spread markers, so spread out to avoid overlapping the AoEs.

No Future

This is one of the harder attacks to avoid. Peacekeeper will place multiple targeting circles all over what’s left of the arena, leaving only small gaps. This can also be accompanied by spread markers, so keep some space between your fellow party members.

What you want to do here is, stay on the move whilst standing in the small safe spots in-between the targeting circles. It’s worth noting that the Electromagnetic Repellant disappears for this mechanic.


The boss will place two large AoEs next to each other either side of the boss. These will rotate around the boss going clockwise. Keep moving towards the AoEs to avoid this. Sometimes Peacekeeper will use Order to Fire whilst this is all going on, so remember to stand in-between the turrets when they go off.

Eclipsing Exhaust

Peacekeeper will place several large AoEs around the edge of the arena with a few gaps between some of them before it fires off a knockback that pushes towards the edge of the arena/AoEs. If you have Arm’s length or Surecast, use them to negate the knockback otherwise position yourself close to the center of the knockback so it pushes you back into the safe spaces.


This is a simple tankbuster which is fired from the boss as a beam of energy.

(1 of 2) Elimination is Peacekeepers tankbuster

Elimination is Peacekeepers tankbuster (left), make sure no-one is standing in front, or behind the tank as it fires off a beam at them. (right)


This can be another tricky boss if it’s your first time doing it. Peacekeeper has a lot of movement based mechanics without a lot of space to maneuver into. It’ll always start the battle with Decimation which is a room-wide AoE as well as placing a fire hazard zone around the arena that gives you a burns debuff if you touch it.

After that, it’ll cast Electromagnetic Repellant. This will fill the boss’ target circle with an electric puddle, dealing damage, and giving you a vulnerability stack if you touch it. This leaves you with not too much space around the arena.

If you see turrets going around the boss, be ready for its Order To Fire attack. The turrets will glow green before shooting at you. To avoid the attack, you’ll want to stand in-between the turrets, and nearer to the fire hazard zone as the projectiles that they shoot out is a small cone AoE. This mechanic can be accompanied by spread markers, so leave enough space between each member to avoid taking any extra damage.

One of its tougher attacks to dodge is No Future. Peacekeeper will spawn multiple red targeting circles all over the arena, leaving only small safe areas between each AoE. You’ll want to stay on your toes, and keep positioning yourself in the safe spots. The spot underneath the boss will never be safe, so stay around the arena, and not the center.

The way this mechanic works, the boss will fire two sets of missiles the first time it does the attack, and these will always be covering the place you stood in the first set, meaning you’ll have to reposition. When it does this mechanic the second time onwards, it’ll cast three sets of missiles.

Another attack that requires a lot of movement is Peacefire. This’ll spawn large AoEs, two either side of the boss. These will rotate around the boss clockwise, so keep moving to avoid getting hit.

A lot of the mechanics of this fight will also have spread markers during them, which means you’ll need to keep some distance from your party. Peacekeeper also likes to combine two of the attacks at once, so always pay attention to what’s going on.

The last somewhat tough mechanic is Eclipsing Exhaust. Where the boss will place a knockback marker in the center of the arena whilst several large AoEs occupy the outside of the platform with the aim of the knockback pushing you into these. There are a few safe areas to be pushed into, so position yourself right on the boss, but a tiny bit towards the arrow that aims toward the safe spot. You can use the role actions Arm’s Length, and Surecast to negate the knockback, making this mechanic easy.

Other than that, Peacekeeper has a tank buster called Elimination. There’s nothing fancy about this, just make sure no-one is near the tank when it happens.

How to Tank

How to Heal


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