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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

All New Astrologian Job Actions to Level 90

Matt Chard

A list of all the new Job Actions to 90 for Astrologian in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker. The tables are sortable and you can see the Range, Radius and MP cost as well as the Recast timers and whether the effects are Instant or on a Delay.

Astrologian received 7 new actions in Endwalker.

Icon Action Lv Cast Recast MP Range Rad. Effect
Astrodyne_Astrologian_Endwalker.png Astrodyne 50 Instant 1s 0y 0y Grants an effect using the astrosigns read from your divining deck. Can only be executed after reading three astrosigns. Effects granted are determined by the number of different types of astrosigns read. 1 Sign Type: Grants Harmony of Spirit. 2 Sign Types: Grants Harmony of Spirit and Harmony of Body. 3 Sign Types: Grants Harmony of Spirit, Harmony of Body, and Harmony of Mind. Duration: 15s. Harmony of Spirit Effect: Gradually restores own MP. Potency: 50. Harmony of Body Effect: Reduces spell cast time and recast time, and auto-attack delay by 10%. Harmony of Mind Effect: Increases damage dealt and healing potency by 5%.
Crown_Play_Astrologian_Endwalker.png Crown Play 70 Instant 1s 0y 0y Triggers the effect of your drawn arcanum.
Fall_Malefic_Astrologian_Endwalker.png Fall Malefic 82 1.5s 2.5s 400 25y 0y Deals unaspected damage with a potency of 250.
Gravity_II_Astrologian_Endwalker.png Gravity II 82 1.5s 2.5s 400 25y 5y Deals unaspected damage with a potency of 130 to target and all enemies nearby it.
Exaltation_Astrologian_Endwalker.png Exaltation 86 Instant 60s 30y 0y Reduces damage taken by self or target party member by 10%. Duration: 8s. Additional Effect: Restores HP at the end of the effect’s duration. Cure Potency: 500.
Macrocosmos_Astrologian_Endwalker.png Macrocosmos 90 Instant 180s 0y 20y Deals unaspected damage to all nearby enemies with a potency of 250 for the first enemy, and 40% less for all remaining enemies. Additional Effect: Grants Macrocosmos to self and all nearby party members. Duration: 15s. Action changes to Microcosmos upon execution. For the effect’s duration, 50% of damage taken is compiled. Restores HP equal to a cure of 200 potency plus compiled damage when the effect expires or upon execution of Microcosmos. Amount restored cannot exceed the target’s maximum HP. This action does not share a recast timer with any other actions.
Microcosmos_Astrologian_Endwalker.png Microcosmos 90 Instant 60s 30y 0y Triggers the healing effect of Macrocosmos, restoring HP equal to a cure of 200 potency plus 50% of compiled damage. Amount restored cannot exceed the target’s maximum HP.
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