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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

Next Ship to Sail (Level 80)

Claire Farnworth

This page will explain how to start the FFXIV Endwalker Main Scenario quest “Next Ship to Sail” released with patch 6.0.

Previous Quest Next Quest
40px_Mainquest1_Icon.png Death Unto Dawn (Level 80) 40px_Mainquest1_Icon.pngOld Sharlayan, New to You (Level 80)

Alphinaud is feeling the need to take stock.

To begin the quest, teleport to the Rising Stones (Mor Dhona X 6.0, Y 6.0) and there, speak with Alphinaud to begin your Endwalker journey. This quest consists of quite a few cutscenes in a row so make sure you’ve set enough time aside to watch them all comfortably.

The beginning of your Endwalker journey starts here.

40px_Mainquest3_Icon.pngSpeak with Tataru in Limsa Lominsa

After the cutscene, Tataru wishes to send you off at the docks before you board the boat to Sharlayan. Head to the Limsa Lominsa Ferry Docks and meet up with your waiting Scion companions. After a series of cutscenes you will board the ship to Sharlayan.

40px_Mainquest4_Icon.pngSpeak with Krile

After a long journey, the Scions have finally arrived in Sharlayan. Simply find Krile directly in front of you when you regain control to complete the quest.

Krile meets the Scions after their journey.

Completion Rewards

EXP Gil Item(s)
065001_hr1.png 448800 065002_hr1.png 1135 Weapon Coffer.png Horse Chestnut Weapon Coffer (iLevel 515)

Opening the Horse Chestnut Weapon Coffer will unlock an iLevel 515 Weapon based on your job class when you open the chest. Be sure you are a job you need the item on before opening it.

Potenial Weapon Coffer Items

Icon Arm Yielded Item(s)
0371952314fc547f1162966d627128606da2fd7c.png Arcanist’s Grimoire Gaja Grimoire
64662f71801040f0fab6807b4ee9a2e2ac61a4c2.png Archer’s Arm Horse Chestnut Longbow
5f4859f34afaf8ceb19025a8460f79df29a48b7d.png Astrologian’s Arm High Durium Planisphere
59ff825cb73974be9ff66521e3e1e077636f40ca.png Dancer’s Arm High Durium Tathlums
96d93962cd0d98b6e0525841a22458bdcf07b8b6.png Dark Knight’s Arm High Durium Guillotine
72d596281067067bbe583fa5339594d40102a492.png Gladiator’s Arm High Durium Sword
89a95f11b6084cd850da7f8952bd3e8a5482c920.png Gladiator’s Shield High Durium Shield
8a5f873add84048f979f62dd4ff2ae4b4f317705.png Gunbreaker’s Arm High Durium Manatrigger
466be4065d0eb1724ad5fd37acaf56a9284ae9a7.png Lancer’s Arm Horse Chestnut Spear
99504642f14540aff0daddc0cfae7a4c3ff22e8b.png Machinist’s Arm High Durium Pistol
4142c26b7f9032155e04e6c56297e51104147722.png Marauder’s Arm High Durium Axe
67d8f9a143376403f7fd14ffb3e391034988f8ff.png Pugilist’s Arm High Durium Knuckles
High Durium   Sickle Reaper’s Arm High Durium Sickle
9c12cbef0797e3693b003dd2322bed5bb4fe9599.png Red Mage’s Arm High Durium Rapier
4845e8797eb063f8f50a3354a6072d9623535999.png Rogue’s Arm High Durium Cleavers
1d97c6c5aa8abc63c8c0d96d5f2d9af65eaf8e43.png Sage’s Arm High Durium Milpreves
b30c49537f5af3c4f0458d9d857d845c7423654d.png Samurai’s Arm High Durium Katana
770b82bdb302d88568857ced70ac88a2e27e8968.png Scholar’s Arm Gaja Codex
466be4065d0eb1724ad5fd37acaf56a9284ae9a7.png Two-handed Conjurer’s Arm Horse Chestnut Cane
b7d4b0edae877679e7be94fba642d7d211efa8c1.png Two-handed Thaumaturge’s Arm Horse Chestnut Rod
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