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Author(s): Ben Chard, Shane Williams
First Published: 17-09-2019 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 22-07-2020 / 13:24 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 04-08-2020 / 08:23 GMT

Dead Claptrap - Path of Sacrifice

Head along the Path of Sacrifice on the way to the Holy Broadcast Centeryou'll find the Dead Claptrap on the container to the right.

As you make your way to the Path of Sacrifice on your way to The Holy Broadcast Center, look on your right for a container. Climb on to it and you'll spot the Claptrap.

Hijack Vehicle - Spit Respite

Look along the south of the map for this small garagepress the button on the container to open the gate and bust out.

Take a look along the southern part of the map and you'll come across Spit Respite just south of a Catch-A-Ride. Come in from the side and kill the enemies before pressing a button on the container at the back to raise the gate. From here it's just a short drive forward to the nearby Catch-A-Ride.

Crimson Radio - The Sty

The Sty is just to the northeast of the entrance Look for yellow paint here after killing the enemies head around back and climb higher onto a broken ladder run along the car and on to another container climb a final container at the top to sabotage the comms.

You'll find The Sty just to the northeast of the entrance to Ascension Bluff and as you enter, you'll need to take out a group of COVs. Once they're dead, follow the steps in the images above to find the comms and sabotage them.

Legendary Hunt - Skrakk Lvl 9 - South of The Sty

Head south of The Sty from the west to reach this area notice the yellow paint to get higher focus on taking out the Skags first then focus your attention on Skrakk's wings.

You'll find Skrakk in an open area to the south of The Sty, to reach the area you'll need to find the yellow pain on the west side showing the way up. Skrakk itself isn't too much trouble so long as you fight it around it's level. Your first task is to dispatch all of the Skags in the area, stay on the move though to avoid Skrakk swooping in. Skrakk itself is vulnerable on it's wings, aim your shots at that position to deal critical damage and take it down.

Typhon Log #1 - East of Legendary Hunt

Search the cliff east of the Legendary Huntthis Typhon Log overlooks the cliff.

Leave the arena where you fought the Legendary Hunt and continue along the southern edge of the map to spot the first Typhon Log along the cliffside.

Typhon Log #2 - Northeast of Spit Respite

Head east along the southern edge from Spit Respitethis is another Typhon Log that sits on the cliff's edge.

Continue east from Spit's Respite along the southern edge to find a second Typhon Log sitting along the cliff's edge.

Typhon Log #3 - Northern area of the map

You'll find this along the path to the area for the Golden Calves  Side Missiononce again, this overlooks a cliff.

Once you accept the Side Mission Golden Calves, you'll have to travel to the northern part of the map. Search around where the map indicates to find this Typhon Log overlooking yet another cliff.

Typhon Dead Drop - Outside Path of Sacrifice

Head to the Catch-A-Ride just before the Path of Sacrificethe Dead Drop can be found in one of the containers.

Once you've found all three Typhon Logs, head to the Catch-A-Ride just before the Path of Sacrifice and climb on top of the container at the back, the Dead Drop is inside.

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