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Author(s): Ben Chard, Shane Williams
First Published: 17-09-2019 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 18-11-2019 / 15:41 GMT
Version: 0.1 (????) 20-02-2020 / 01:06 GMT

Borderlands 3 Guide

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Desolation's Edge


Quest GiverRewardLvl
Claptrap via Radio - Desolation’s EdgeCash, Rare Sniper Rifle30

You’ll be able to accept this Side Mission by interacting with a radio in Desolation’s Edge.

Pick up ECHO cartridge / Talk to… the hologram?

Pick up the Game Cartridge from the floor,and then speak with the hologram.

Once you’ve accepted this mission, head over to the waypoint on the map and collect the ECHO Cartridge from the floor and then speak to the hologram.

Find first portal hotspot / Talk to Mickey

After you’ve listened to the dialogue, head over to the waypoint on the map to locate the first portal and then speak with Mickey to begin the game.

Follow and protect Lana / Buy upgrade

Follow and protect Lana,and purchase the first microtransaction along the way,now shoot the portal to progress to the next step.

Now follow Lana around the map whilst taking out any enemies that try to harm her. Eventually the game will give you an option to purchase a microtransaction, shoot the green one to make the mission a bit faster. Keep following Lana until you come across a Portal and shoot it to progress to the next step.

Continue protecting Lana / Buy the same upgrade again

Continue following Lana and take out any enemies along the way,
then purchase the same microtransaction again,
now shoot the second portal to continue again.

Continue following Lana and purchase the next microtransaction that pops up to help you reach the next portal a little faster. Take out any more enemies that try to bother Lana and then shoot the second portal to progress to the next step.

Protect Lana… again / Keep forking over money

Keep protecting Lana and purchase the third microtransaction,then shoot the third portal.

After the second portal has been destroyed you’ll need continue protecting Lana until yet another opportunity to purchase more microtransactions appears and once you’ve purchased the microtransaction, continue following Lana some more and destroy the third portal.

Talk to Mickey / Find second portal Hotspot

With the third portal destroyed, speak with Mickey and then head over to the waypoint on the map to start the second phase of the game.

Talk to Mickey / Find and gather an energy source

Climb up the pillars in the middle of the room,to find the energy source.

Once you reach the second hotspot speak with Mickey again and then climb up the pillar in the middle to find an energy source, interact with it to progress to the next step.

Gather ALL energy sources: 0/100 / Purchase a non-predatory upgrade (Optional Objective)

Purchase the fourth microtransaction to get given 90 energy sources,and then pick up the remaining 10 to get to the next step.

Unfortunately, there was an error with the energy source so you’ll need collect 100 energy sources one by one, but dont worry as you’ll be able to purchase another microtransaction which will allow you to be given 90 Energy sources, this means you’ll only need to grab 10 more to complete this step.

Give energy sources to Lana / Destroy Portal

Give the 100 Energy Sources to Lana,and then destroy the fourth portal.

Now you’ve collected all the energy sources, head over to Lana and give them to her before waiting until the game prompts you to destroy the fourth portal.

Talk to Mickey / Find final portal hotspot

Speak with Mickey after you’ve destroyed the portal and then head over to the waypoint on the map to find the final hotspot.

Defeat Rak’nagob, Destroyer of Worlds / Give us money to get this over with

Purchase the final micro transaction to make the boss easier,and then defeat Rak’nagob.

Once you’ve found the final hotspot speak with Mickey again and then Rak’nagob will spawn, shoot him a little and then the game will pop up with another microtransaction. Shoot the green one to make the bosses health go down alot faster and kill him.

Destroy Rak’nagob’s portal / Talk to Mickey

Destroy Rak’nagob’s portal and then speak with Mickey one final time to complete the mission.

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