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Author(s): Ben Chard, Shane Williams
First Published: 17-09-2019 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-06-2020 / 06:11 GMT
Version: 0.1 (????) 02-07-2020 / 12:08 GMT

Lectra City

Kill Killavolt

Quest GiverRewardLvl
Moxxi - Sanctuary / Bounty Board - Meridian MetroplexRoom Decoration13

Go to Lectra City / Enter Battle Royale

Once you've completed the Main Mission Hostile Takeover you'll be able to accept this Side Mission from Moxxi back at her bar in Sanctuary or from the Bounty Boards in Meridian Metroplex.

With the Side Mission collected head over to Knoxx Station where you'll be able to head over to the Lectra City Zone. After you've arrived, simply interact with the switch to the left of the stairs and head up to enter the Battle Royale.

Collect Trudy's, Jenny's and Lena's Token

After you've joined the Battle Royale and met up with Moxxi you'll need to collect Tokens from three enemies that are located in Lectra City.

Trudy's Token

Head over to the Big Dock Energy Port to find Trudy,take Trudy out to obtain her token.

The first Token on your list will be Trudy's, head over to the Big Dock Energy Port to find her waiting at the back of the area. Before taking her on you'll need to take out all the enemies in the area and there are a lot of Badass enemies roaming around which can easily kill you if you're not careful.

Once you've cleared the area of enemies, head to the back of the area and take out Trudy before picking up her Token.

Jenny's Token

Head down to the shopping center to find Jenny waiting at the bottom of the stairs, take her out to obtain her token.

Next up is Jenny's Token, head to the Shopping Center in Lectra City where you'll find Jenny waiting at the bottom of the stairs, take her out and she'll drop her Token.

Note: Make sure to grab the Dead Claptrap from the corner of the Shopping Center before leaving.

Lena's Token

You'll be able to find Lena waiting at the back of The Hills,take her out to obtain her Token.

Finally, it's time to grab Lena's Token, you'll be able to find her waiting at the back of The Hills. Once you arrive, take out all the enemies in the area first and then take out Lena for the final Token.

Collect Batteries

Battery #1

The first battery can be found in the Big Dock Energy.

To find the first battery, head over to Big Dock Energy and keep to the right side where you'll see a section branching off to the right. Hop along it to find the battery.

Battery #2

Nearby where you fought Jenny you should be able to see a climbable path to reach a ladder which will take you to the rooftop,once you're on the roof turn around and climb up,and grab the second battery on top.

You'll be able to find the second battery near where you fought Jenny. There will be a climbable area marked in yellow, climb up and there will be a ladder waiting there, use the ladder to get to the rooftop, once on top spin around and you'll see another climbable area that will take you to the battery.

Battery #3

Once you've taken out Lena head towards the waypoint nearby and use this path behind the building,after you've climbed up, use the ladder to reach the next roof,use another ladder to get even higher,and collect the third battery.

Head to the waypoint in The Hills for the third battery, once you're there you'll see small path with a wall to climb up at the end, climb up and use the two ladders to reach the rooftop with the Battery.

Head to Moxxi's / Give Batteries to Moxxi

Give the three batteries to Moxxi,and grab Moxxi's Booby Trap.

With all the Batteries and tokens collected it's time to head over to Moxxi's Bar, go to the waypoint on the map and give Moxxi the batteries and wait for her to give you Moxxis's Booby Trapped Token.

Head to Killarena

After you've collected Moxxi's Booby Trapped Token head over to Killarena, but beware on your way there as you'll need to take out all the enemies that are blocking your path. Once the area is cleared, head into the Killarena and hop down to talk to Killavolt.

Once you're inside speak to Killavolt and give all of the tokens including Moxxi's Booby Trapped one which will initiate the fight.

Boss: Killavolt

you cannot deal any damage to Killavolt when he has his bubble up,stay out of the electric patches,shoot his upper back to deal critical hitsdodge the electric attack by jumping over the white ring as it approaches you, Shoot Killavolts groin when he starts cheering to the crowd.

Killavolt will be the most difficult opponent you'll face at this stage of the game, so pay close attention to these tips to allow your battle to be alot easier. He'll hold his shield up throughout the battle so you'll need to wait for him to do certain attacks / gestures before you're able to put a good amount of damage into him.

Note: Do not use a Shock weapon against Killavolt as he is immune to this element.

In order to make Killavolts health / shield deplete alot faster you're going to want to focus firing at his weak spots which are his groin and his battery pack. Obviously Killavolt has a shield so you'll need to wait for him to cheer to the crowd in order to shoot his groin, after you've dealt enough damage in that spot he'll fall to the ground in which it will give you a good oppotunity to deal plenty of damage.

Whilst you're waiting for him to cheer to the crowd he'll go in for a charge attack which you'll need to dodge quickly, after you've gotten out of the way you'll want to deal loads of damage to his upper back which is his second weakspot.

Note: It's a good idea to grab some ammo from the crates that are scattered around the arena before the second phase begins.

During the battle Killavolt will fire Shock bullets at you and then perform a ground slam and by doing so, he'll trigger a line of electricity towards the direction he is facing.

Now you know about Killavolt it's time to pay close attention to the arena itself, as during the fight different types of electric attacks will occur. Firstly, the floor will light up yellow and a white ring will appear, make sure you jump over it as it approaches you.

During the second phase the whole floor will light yellow again, except this time you're going to need to look for small lit up patches that electricity will switch off on first.

Collect / Mount Killavolt's Charge Pack

Once you've defeated Killavolts charge, collect his charge pack,and mount it on the toilet near Moxxi's Bar.

With Killavolt defeated pick up the Killa Pack and head to Moxxi's. Make sure to grab the Red and White Chests on your way out.

Once you reach Moxxi's Bar place the Killa Pack on the toilet and then talk to Moxxi to complete the Mission.

How To Obtain Killavolt's Legendary Shocking 9-Volt SMG

Killavolts exclusive legendary submachine gun.

Once you've completed the Mission you may want to farm for the Shocking 9-Volt Submachine Gun which is Killavolts exclusive Legendary weapon. In order to do so simply quit the game and log back in and head back into the Killarena to retry the fight.

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