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Author(s): Ben Chard, Shane Williams
First Published: 17-09-2019 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 22-07-2020 / 13:24 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 03-08-2020 / 21:16 GMT

Quest GiverRewardLvl
Wainwright - Jakobs EstateCash26

During your way through the Lair of the Harpy Main Mission, you'll eventually come across this Side Mission by interacting with a door and a corpse will fall out.

Search for Clue

Interact with the statue that's next to the chest,and then press the button to advance to the next step.

Once you've accepted the mission head over to the statue that's next to the chest in the corner of the room and interact with it to reveal a button, press the button to advance to the next step.

Unlock Chest

From the chest turn to your right and you'll see a glowing statue, shoot the Bullseye above it, now turn right from the last statue and you'll see a second glowing statue,finally head in to the next room to the left to find the third statue.

In order to unlock the chest you'll need to shoot three statues that are scattered within the area. The first one can be found to the right of where you pressed the green button previously, now take another turn to the right and head to the opposite side of the room to find another glowing statue. Finally, head towards the other side of the room to find the last statue.

Open Chest

Open the chest to find the A Talk Between Baldrin and Aurelia clue.

Once you've shot all three statues you'll now be able to open the chest, inside you'll find the A Talk Between Baldrin and Aurelia clue.

Search Servant's Quarters

Investigate the body for a clue,and then collect the Eviction Notice from the floor.

You'll now need to progress a little further into the Lair of the Harpy Main Mission until you reach the Ancestor's Hall. Take out the enemies in the area and then head to a small room to the left of the hall where you'll find a Dead Claptrap at the bottom of the stairs, collect it and take a right into another small room.

Inside you'll see a corpse on the floor, investigate it and then collect An Eviction Notice that's on the floor next to the body.

Find Clues underneath Jakobs Estate

Once you drop down into the celler you'll find a clue above the doorway, use the barrels to the right to get up to it, then head into the Grotto to find the Pink Slip clue,now proceed deeper into the Grotto to find the final clue which is the Shopping list.

You'll need to progress through the Lair of the Harpy Main Mission some more and kill [Billy, The Anointed] to be able to solve the puzzle which will open up the theater floor to Monty's Den.

Once you've dropped down, open the secret room by interacting with the bookshelf and then head to the back of the room and collect a record to open up another wall.

Collect the Red Chest and then drop down and look up slightly to find a clue above the doorway, use the barrels to your right to gain access to it. Now head in to the Grotto to find another clue on a crate and then proceed further in and make your way to the right side to find the last clue on top of another crate.

Find and talk to Clare

Now that you've collected all the clues, teleport to the start of the area and speak with Clare.

Search Abandoned Shack

Move the bed to find the recording between Aurelia and Troy.

After you've spoken with Clare make your way over to the waypoint where you'll find a shack, head inside and interact with the bed to move it then grab the last recording.

Go to Wainwright

With everything collected within Jakobs Manor, teleport back to Floodmoor Basin and speak with Wainwright to complete the mission.

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    17 September 2019
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