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Borderlands 3
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Author(s): Ben Chard, Shane Williams
First Published: 17-09-2019 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 21-05-2020 / 18:25 GMT
Version: 0.1 (????) 01-06-2020 / 12:11 GMT

Borderlands 3 Guide

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Voracious Canopy

Rumble In The Jungle

Quest GiverRewardLvl
Dead Body - Voracious CanopyCash25

You'll be able to accept this Side Mission from a dead body that's laying on the ground on your way to the north side of the map.

Go to Scientific Outpost / Clear Jabber Infestations

Once you've accepted this mission, make your way over to the waypoint and enter the Scientific Outpost. Inside you'll need to go to the three different waypoints and clear out any Jabbers that are lurking around.

Find Clues

With all the Jabbers cleared in the Science Outposts you'll now need to collect three clues which are indicated by waypoints.

Clue #1

Head over to the building to your left and then jump over to the smaller building next to it to gain height,now hop back over to the larger building and slide through the window,to be able to grab the first clue,then shoot the bullseye to exit.

Clue #2

Head to the building on the right and then hop over to the larger building and slide through the window,to collect a clue from the fridge.

Clue #3

Head into The Terradome and collect the third clue.

Find Failurebot / Follow Failurebot

Shoot the lock on the door,and then speak with Failurebot.

After you've found the 3 clues, head to the waypoint on the map and shoot the lock on the door to free Failurebot. Now after some dialogue you'll need to proceed deaper into the north side of the map.

Find Scientist / Find Jabber Tribe

Follow Failurebot until you reach a cage, and collect the Bloody Journal from inside.

Continue forwards with Failurebot until you come across a cage with a dead scientist, collect the ECHO from inside the cage to progress to the next step. Now you'll want to travel up to Kingdom of Boba The Great.

Complete Trial of Agony / Trial of Strength

Once you've entered Kingdom of Bobo The Great, use the climbable area to the right and use the bridges to sprint to the waypoint,then use the platforms again to sprint over to the King's Champions and kill them.

Once you've arrived at the camp you'll need to complete the Trial of Agony, take a look to the right and climb up on to the raised area to gain access to the bridges. Use the bridges to run across to the waypoint on the map to complete the first Trial.

After you've reached the waypoint and completed the first trial you'll now face another task, the Trial of Strength. To complete this you'll need to use the bridges to get closer to all of the King's Champions, take them out alongside the normal enemies to complete this simple task.

Go to platform of wisdom / Complete Trial of Wisdom

Head over to the Platform of Wisdom and wait until the objective is completed.

Upon completion of both trials, you'll now need to head over to the platform of wisdom where the game will attempt to trick you into jumping into the chasm. Do not jump as you'll be charged for your death and the objective will complete itself by leaving the platform.

Prove yourself / Speak with Jabber King

After you've proven yourself speak with King Boba, and collect the Scientist Journal from him.

Now that you've succuessfully completed all 3 trials, you'll now be able to speak with King Boba and collect the ECHO that he throws onto the floor.

Find Secret Lab / Find ECHO Log

Head over to the waypoint on the map and use the cages to climb up to the hanging cage,and collect the Scientist Journal from inside.

After speaking with King Boba you'll need to head over to the waypoint on the map to find the Secret lab. Before you're able to enter you'll need to use the cages that have been left on the floor to gain access to the hanging cage for an ECHO Log.

Investigate Bunker / Speak with Scaleon

Head over to the Bunker and speak with Scaleon.

Drop down to the front of the labs entrance and wait for Scaleon to inspect you and then the door will open. Head inside and talk to Scaleon.

Prove yourself / Issue Challenge

Kill the enemies that are inside the lab, and then speak with iQsaur to issue a challenge.

After speaking with Scaleon, you'll now need to defeat a couple waves of enemies before you're able to head into the room to speak with iOsaur, Queen of the Scaleon, and issue her a challenge.

Return to Science Outpost / Kill iOsaur and King Boba

Take out iQsaur first, then focus all your attention on King Boba to defeat him.

Head back to the Science Outpost and make your way into the Terradome to battle against both King Boba and iOsaur. As the fight begins you'll want to focus all your firepower into iOsaur first as she's the easiast to kill.

With iOsaur taken care of you'll now want to focus all your attention onto King Boba. The only thing you need be aware of when gradually taking his health down is his slam attack. Every now and again during your battle he'll go in for a slam attack which if you get caught in it, can be deadly.

Speak with Triumphbot

Upon Victory speak with Triumphbot one last time to complete the mission.

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