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Borderlands 3
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Ben Chard, Shane Williams
First Published: 17-09-2019 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-06-2020 / 06:11 GMT
Version: 0.1 (????) 02-07-2020 / 12:52 GMT

The Anvil

Crew Challenges

Crimson Radio #1 - The Yard

Make your way to The Yard look for the yellow paint to begin the climb then climb the next two containers look behind you to make your way higher and climb the last two containers.

Make your way to The Yard in the center of the map and head to the northwest area of it to find a large stack of containers. Defeat the enemies and look for the yellow paint to begin the climb to the top.

Crimson Radio #2 - Ultramax Spire

Head towards the end of the Ultramax Spire look for the yellow paint here then jump across to the tower and climb the next pipe as you round the side stand on the corner here and jump on to the pipe before looking up and climbing the last to reach the top.

Head to just before you reach the boss of The Anvil and then turn around to spot a platform with yellow paint. Jump across to the pipes against the tower and round them as you work your way to a pipe hanging off the corner. This jump is tight, stand on the corner of the current platform before making the jump and then look up to find the final platform to climb up to reach the Crimson Radio.

Dead Claptrap #1 - North of West of Gross

Head to the entrance of the prison then enter the room to your left to find the Dead Claptrap.

Once you enter the prison itself, head to the left to find a door leading to this Dead Claptrap.

Dead Claptrap #2 - Outside The Devil's Saucepan

You'll be able to find this Claptrap laying on a table in the room just before The Devil's Saucepan,head to this location on the map to find it.

As you approach the The Devil's Saucepan, take a right into another room where the Dead Claptrap can be found laying on a table.

Target of Opportunity - Sky Bully - The Devil's Saucepan

Head over to this location on the map,and enter the Devil's Saucepan to find the Sky Bully's at the back of the room.

Note: The Sky Bully's have a chance to drop the Shooting Star Shield. If you would like to farm it, simply exit the game and load back in to repsawn the Sky Bully's

Typhon Dead Drop - The Yard, hole east of Tina

drop down it to locate the Dead Drop.The hole can be found to the right of Tina's location

Head to the right of Tina's location at The Yard and look against the southern wall to find a hole leading to this Dead Drop.

Typhon Log #1 - Entrance

Head north from the entrance then climb the platforms to find the first Log.

The first Typhon Log can be found a little north from the entrance, you'll find a few platforms you can climb just before the first encounter.

Typhon Log #2 -

Make your way to West of Gross the Log can be found on the walkway.

Just before you enter the entrance of the prison, head back on yourself on the upper walkway to find West of Gross where the Log can be found as soon as you enter.

Typhon Log #3 - The Yard

Make your way to the north side of The Yard look for the yellow paint here to begin climbing then on to the next ledge and up on to the walkway look for a small piece of metal to climb and reach the Log on the top.

Head to the north side of The Yard and look for some crates to climb, allowing you to reach the walkway above. Look to the right of the broken part of the walkway to find a small piece of metal you can climb on, allowing you to reach the top and the Log.

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    17 September 2019
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    Ben Chard, Shane Williams

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