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Borderlands 3
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Ben Chard, Shane Williams
First Published: 17-09-2019 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 18-11-2019 / 15:41 GMT
Version: 0.1 (????) 25-02-2020 / 22:18 GMT

Borderlands 3 Guide

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Floodmoor Basin

Swamp Bro

Quest GiverRewardLvl
Chadd - Floodmoor BasinCash, Rare Pistol27

Upon completion of The Guns of Reliance Main Mission you’ll be able to speak with Chadd at Reliance to start this Side Mission.

Follow Chadd / Kill Grogs

Collect the Grog's Guts from the ground after you've killed them,and give them to Chadd.

Once you’ve accepted the mission, follow Chadd until you reach an area that is surrounded by Grogs. Take them out and collect the Grog Guts from the floor and deliever them to Chadd.

Follow Chadd / Kill Ravagers

Defeat the Ravagers in the area,and then revive Chadd to advance to the next step.

After the Grogs have been killed and the guts delievered, follow Chadd some more until you become ambushed by Ravagers. You’ll need to kill them and then revive Chadd to advance to the next step.

Follow Chadd / Go to Lovers Leap

Hop over to Lover's Leap,and watch Chadd jump off the cliff.

Follow Chadd once more to the edge of a cliff, then speak with him and he’ll ask you to hop over to the Lovers Leap to watch him jump off the cliff. Unfourtunately, the jump didn’t go as planned so you’ll need to drop down and revive him again.

Grab Fuel Cans

You'll be able to find the first can on a small pier nearby,now head to the next waypoint and hop up to another wooden platform to find the second can,and for the final, can head to another waypoint and climb onto another wooden platform and collect it from the tentacle's mouth.

Chadd would like to ride the lift back up to Reliance, so you’ll now need to head to the waypoints around the map to collect three Fuel cans.

Attach Fuel Cans / Shoot Igniter

Place the cans on to the three jets below the lift,and shoot the igniter in the middle to launch Chadd.

With all the Fuel cans acquired, head back to the lift and attach them to the bottom and then shoot the igniter in the center when prompted to shoot Chadd back up.

Get Chadd’s righteous Loot

Collect Chadd's loot from where you began the mission.

After Chadd’s dissaperance you’ll now be able to collect his loot, head back to where you began the mission and open the crate and
complete the mission.

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