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Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom
Strategy Guide

First Published: 06-04-2018 / 00:00 GMT
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Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom Guide

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Sidequests 051-075

062 Skirmish with the Sea’s Finest

Quest Information
LocationEvermore; Lycorias
RequirementsChapter 6; Completed 053
Rewards4460 Exp, 11000KG, Songbook No. 8

Hydropolis has invited Evermore to join them in a mock battle to learn from each other, although some boasting on either side will make things a little extra challenging. The arena for this battle will be at Leucippes' Labyrinth, so head on over there and speak to the soldier close to the entrance to where you fought the boss during the main story. This skirmish will be level 24 and will be a bit of a longer one, similar to the mock battle against Goldpaw. When you begin, you'll have a hammer and sword unit in front of you, so quickly defeat them and pass through the gate, into the next area.

Make sure you destroy and rebuild the command post, though, as the minor boost in military might will be helpful in the long run. In the next area, take out the magic units, then you'll be able to move onto the next section. Straight ahead is a dragon - yes, a dragon. These things are quite beefy and you'll want to watch out for a few attacks. The most annoying one is when it flies into the air, roars and then rains meteors onto the ground. Although the targets are shown beforehand, the meteors move pretty quick, so you might not have too much time to move out of the way.

This will likely be your first encounter with dragons in skirmishes They are quite sturdy and have some strong attacks

Try to lure the dragon to the east a bit, then use your skills to take it down. Move onto the nearby units, being extremely careful of the new units that appear, which will include another dragon. Do the same thing as before, then continue north and then to the northeast to clean up. Don't forget that enemy command posts will continually release units, so break them down and rebuild them as your own. When everything to the east has been taken care of, you can go through the gate leading west to face your final challenge.

This challenge includes the head unit for this skirmish, consisting of two lance units and two archers. You also have a Porc (hammer) and another dragon. To make matters even more annoying, there is an enemy command post here that will spit out more hammer units. Even with a Shock Tactic and full buffs, it's very possible to wipe on everything attacking you at the same time, so retreat if things start getting hairy. With some luck, some of the enemies will chase after you, allowing you to pick them off and thin the herds. The quest will be over once you've defeated everything.

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