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Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom
Strategy Guide

First Published: 06-04-2018 / 00:00 GMT
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Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom Guide

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Chapter 9

Rise of the Horned One

Things don’t start out too well at the beginning of this chapter, with Doloran’s plan supposedly succeeding. When you finally regain control, you will need to speak with Batu and the others to hear their report. Lots more will happen, with you learning a bit about the history of Doloran and the plan of action to come. Of course, all of that can be put on the backburner, because it’s the start of a new chapter and sidequest time!

The first sidequest you might want to go after is located in Hermit’s Hollow, which is a cave in the Ding Dong Dell region; it’s north and a little east of the town. The rest of the sidequests are found in the usual places, in the towns, from Swift Solutions and finally, in Evermore. It’s always best to save Evermore until after you’ve finished all of the others, since you won’t need to revisit it later.

122 Ya Pi, the Proud Soldier
123 The Goddess of Good Luck
124 Callianeira, Priestess of Water
125 Trey’s Missing Memolith
126 Jared, the Elite Officer
127 Alexis, the Hard-Nosed Cop
128 Norbert, the Future Historian
129 Klaus, the Master Merchant
130 Raxel, One-Eyed Mercenrary
131 The Engraver’s Riddle
132 Grimm’s Determination
133 Ritter’s Got Tailor’s Block!
134 Pollution Solution
135 The Misunderstood Magician
136 Kitty, the Bubbly Baker
137 The People’s Patissiere
138 Marlene, Good Girl Gone Bad
139 Lady Trudy, Charming Farmer
140 Taming Tyger
141 The Tainted Wyvern
142 The Perfect Present
143 Make My Sister Smile Again
144 The Dark Side of Development
145 Fresh Fish Suppers for All!
146 Time for Tea
147 The Bandits are Back… Again!
148 Power Dressing
149 An Unexpected Windfall
150 On Cold Ground
151 Almost Too Good to Be True…
152 Ding-Dong vs. Ding Dong Dell
153 A Gruff, Gruff Grandad
154 Nu Bi’s Crisis of Confidence
155 Toil and Trouble
156 Longing for Lustrous Locks
157 Wish Upon a Stone

Sword of Union

Whew, that was certainly a lot of sidequests, but you’re inching ever closer to the end of them all and it’s time to get back to the main story. Your current objective is to head to the library in Goldpaw to look for details of the Sword of Union. Speak with Boddly, who mentions that books from that long ago do not exist, but a stone tablet does. Head on over to the alcove with Boddly to see the strange stone, but she could never decipher the writing on it. Boddly says that maybe Li Li can help figure out what it says, so travel back to Evermore and talk with her. She can remove the encryption on it, but needs some seeing sand from the Drylands.

Note: You will get a new Leafbook posting at this time, which is Treasure Time: Part Five. It is located in the Midstream Tunnels section of the Old Well dungeon, inside of the small tunnel located in the picture. The item you receive is a High Heal Pendant.

You can find the treasure in the small tunnel inside of the Old Well dungeon

Li Li will mark three points on your map as to where the seeing sand is located. There’s no indication of an item, but walk around at each point until you happen upon an exclamation point. The seeing sand will always be located at the final location you search, so you will have to look for all three. Bring the sand back to Li Li in Evermore, then wait until she’s finished deciphering the tablet. It doesn’t take too long (there’s a short scene until it is deciphered), and you find out the location of this so called Mornstar sword, the Coldera in Jack Frost’s Playground.

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