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Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom
Strategy Guide

First Published: 06-04-2018 / 00:00 GMT
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Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom Guide

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Sidequests 101-125

123 The Goddess of Good Luck

Quest Information
LocationGoldpaw; Inside the casino
RequirementsChapter 9
Rewards6110 Exp, 4030G, Initiate's Ring, Yo Ho-Ho as Citizen

The Goddess of Good Luck, as Miss Yo Ho-Ho is called by many, requires a bit of persuasion before she will switch allegiances and come to your kingdom. You will need to deliver three items to her, with the first item she wants being a pair of gaudy galoshes, which you can make back in Evermore. You need level 5 armor development researched at the Outfitters to be able to make the boots, as well as the following ingredients: Wild Leather (x2), Gold Nugget (x3), Citrine Huebloom (x3), Enigma Prism (x1). Wild Leather can be gotten from Hunting Lodge No. 4, Gold Nuggets and Enigma Prisms from Mining Camps No. 4/5, and Citrine Hueblooms from Medium/Minor/Massive Market Gardens. Make the galoshes, then bring them back to Yo Ho-Ho.

She's ready to leave and join your kingdom, but her little posse thinks otherwise, prompting her to want some warlord's armor now. Yet again, you need to make this in your kingdom, although it requires level 6 armor development this time. The warlord's armor needs the following ingredients: Somnium Nugget (x2), Knight's Brocade (x2), Super-Cool Fur (x2), and Delicate Wing Bones (x2). The fur and bones can be gotten from Hunting Lodge No. 4, nugget from Mining Camps No. 4/5, and brocade from the Wondrous/Bountiful Bazaars. Go ahead and make the armor, then bring it to Yo Ho-Ho to find out she wants one more thing.

The third, and final, item she wants is a prism spear. Unfortunately, you can't craft this, so you will need to find another way of getting it. You can get one from defeating a Tainted Monster in the Sunshade Shrine (located in the Drylands), level 59 Charmigan. Also, you can get one as a reward from finishing [Sidequest 130], although this one can inflict poison and is a good thing to have around for later. If you like grinding a bit, then you can get a prism spear as a drop from normal enemies in Sunshade Shrine or Bleachbone Shrine, both located in the Drylands area. Once you manage to get one, return to Yo Ho-Ho to hand it over and finish the quest.

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