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Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom
Strategy Guide

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Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom Guide

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Trophy Guide

Trophy Guide

One True King

As the platinum trophy, you will have to obtain all other trophies and it will be a bit of a grind to do it. Most of the trophies are fairly straightforward, but you will have to perform a bit of repetition. The majority of the trophies revolve around single elements, but you will need to do them to their full extent, or close to it. The more time consuming trophies will have to do with completing 150 sidequests, recruiting all citizens to your kingdom, and other tasks. Luckily, nothing is missable and you are able to return to any area after completing it, so you don’t need a step-by-step guide to follow to get everything. With everything, it will probably take an average of around 80-100 hours to get the platinum.



Story-Related Trophies

King in ExileAwarded for finishing Chapter 1.
King RebornAwarded for finishing Chapter 2.
Kingdom CreatorAwarded for finishing Chapter 3.
A Destiny DiscoveredAwarded for finishing Chapter 4.
A Matter of TimeAwarded for finishing Chapter 5.
The Price of ProgressAwarded for finishing Chapter 6.
The Mark of KingsAwarded for finishing Chapter 7.
Peace Breaks OutAwarded for finishing Chapter 8.
Onward to UnityAwarded for finishing Chapter 9.
Ocean-Going KingAwarded for making your first sea voyage.
King of the SkiesAwarded for making your first trip in the Zippelin.


Royal Mint

Amassing 500,000 guilders is definitely one of the more grindy trophies in the game, especially considering the fact you need it all at once. Because of this, it’s best to avoid spending any huge amounts of money on anything. Thankfully, the game isn’t very hard and you will receive a lot of supplies just from playing the game normally. Normal battles will yield very little in ways of money and you really won’t get much from the sidequests, either. While you will acquire a lot of equipment and materials, they either don’t sell for much or you’ll need them for other things, in the case of the latter.

Remember that there are two currency types in the game, guilders and Kingsguilders. The latter is used only in the kingdom building mode, so don’t get confused with that. Luckily, there are a few things you can do on your end to improve the amount of money received from enemies, like conduct certain research at the Barracks, Hubble-Bubblery and Explorer’s Guild facilities. These will net you more money from regular battles, skirmishes and even from breaking objects in the field. To add on to that, the Spoils settings in the [Tactics Tweaker] has two options for getting more money.

While stuff doesn’t sell for much, if you’re close to the 500K, you could always manually save, sell everything off and see if that gets you the trophy. If it does (or doesn’t), reload the game and continue grinding. Should you have everything else and still not have this trophy, you can set your citizens to the resource gathering facilities and just sell off the materials they acquire.



Lord/Royal Treasurer

While 200 treasure chests sounds like a lot, you will likely get these two trophies during normal gameplay. There are a finite amount of chests in the normal game, but Dreamer’s Doors are optional dungeons that are randomized and can be done over and over. This means that you can continually dive into them to run through them, netting you more chests on each attempt. Because of this, it’s even easier to get these trophies. Remember that blue chests cannot be opened unless you research the Spring Lock spell at the Spellworks in Evermore.



Tripple Threat

At the end of Chapter 1, you’re introduced to Trip Doors, which are pockets of magical energy that function as fast travel points when you activate them. Most areas in the game will have at least a single Trip Door and to get this trophy, you need to activate 50 of them. There are more than 50 of them, however, so if you miss a few, then it won’t matter (you won’t want to miss any, though, for the convenience of fast travel).



Higgledy Stone Trophies

Higgledies are small magical creatures that serve as an extra mechanic in battle, with two ways to acquire them. You can either cook them up in the Higglery in Evermore or find [Higgledy Stones] out in the wild. For the latter, you will need to find the stones and give a specific item in order to satisfy the higgledy, allowing it to join you. You’ll come across your first stone in [Cloudcoil Canyon]and the remainder are all in dungeon areas. Unfortunately, you will sometimes have to return to a higgledy stone, since you won’t have the necessary item on your first encounter. There’s a total of 30 higgledy stones in the game, and none of them are missable.



Sidequest Trophies

One of the bigger pieces of side content in Ni no Kuni II are the [Sidequests], of which there are 175. While you only need to finish 150 of them to get the final sidequest-related trophy, you will still need to complete most of them to recruit all of the citizens to Evermore. You will have a hard time missing sidequests, since they are marked on your map. Note that you will have to finish some sidequests in order to have other show up, so you will likely end up doing all of them in the long run.



Errand Trophies

Towards the end of Chapter 4, you will unlock the Swift Solutions NPC in the major towns, who offers a few different services. The main one, which ties into the others, is offering errands, which are the literal definition of fetch quests. You will usually have to deliver specific items or kill a certain number of enemies to finish these, which will reward you with experience, guilders and something called Tokens of Gratitude. These Tokens can then be traded in for one of two things, items/accessories or to have the Taskmaster scout new citizens. For this set of trophies, you just want to concentrate on finishing a total of 100 errands. Note that the Taskmaster will only carry a total of 12 errands at a time and you, yourself, can only accept the same amount. So, you will have to do as many as possible, then come back after a short while, when he replenishes the errands.



Soldier/Warrior King

The two trophies above will be rewarded for defeating 1,000 and 2,000 enemies, respectively. This only seems to count the enemies in the main game and not those in skirmishes. You might get this normally while playing, especially since you will need to go through the Dreamer’s Mazes at least once, as well as defeat 50 Tainted Monsters. If, by some odd chance, you don’t get the second by the time you’re done with everything else, then you can simply head to the area south of Ding Dong Dell, on the world map, and continually fight monsters there.



Tainted Monster Trophies

You’re first introduced to Tainted Monsters on your way to the Forest of Niall. These creatures are stronger versions of the normal monsters you’ve faced, that take place on an isolated battlefield. They are surrounded by a purple aura and upon approaching them, you will be asked if you want to fight them or not. There’s a total of 50 Tainted Monsters you have to defeat for the two trophies and although more open up after you get rid of those first 50, you don’t have to do anything about them (one is a great source of experience, though). Note that there are two kinds of Tainted Monsters, those that are already out there and then those that won’t spawn because they are part of a sidequest.



Ball Boy

As you fight the various battles in the game, you should notice little balls that sometimes drop. These balls come in two colors, green and blue, restoring HP and MP, respectively, when collected by a character. They can be dropped by defeated enemies, acquired when breaking pots, as well as dropped by higgledies. There is also a special golden ball, which won’t come into play until you recruit Lofty to your team. This one, when collected, will put your character in an awakened mode, making him/her stronger and giving them unlimited MP. To get this trophy, you will need to collect a total of 2,000 balls across all colors. Note that the pink balls present in the Dreamer’s Mazes do not count towards this.

There are a few methods one can do is make sure they get enough of these. First and foremost, there is a spell you can research at Evermore Spellworks called Retrial. What this does is allow you to refight the Kingmakers in their respective Cradles upon finishing the main story. Each one of these refights will begin at level 50 and gain five levels upon completing it. The most noteworthy one is Longfang, who can be found at the Cradle of Fire in the Backwaters area that’s only accessible by Zippelin near Goldpaw. Equip weak weapons and just destroy the rocks that Longfang produces to get a lot of balls.

The other method involves researching all of the respective research at the Kingmaker’s Cathedral, which will up the rate at which all of the balls will appear. With this and all of the research from the Dimensional Labs, head to any Dreamer’s Maze and just head through it, fighting all enemies and breaking all of the pots you can find. While you will get quite a number of pink orbs (which don’t count), you will also find a lot of green and blue balls. If you leave the mazes until after finishing the main story, then you’ll undoubtedly knock a huge chunk out of the 2,000 needed.



Wakey Wakey and Wide Awake

Once you gain Lofty as an ally, you will notice that he will sometimes toss a golden ball onto the battlefield. Collecting this with your character will cause them to go into an awakened state, which not only buffs their attack and defense, but it will also grant them unlimited MP. This awakened state is shown as a meter where the MP is located, which will slowly drain and once it empties, you will revert to normal. Note that you will likely get Wakey Wakey while playing through the game normally, as the golden ball tends to gravitate towards your controlled character when it appears.

As for Wide Awake, it will take some time normally to get it, since golden balls tend to not be too common. However, there is a workaround for this trophy, as the awakenings that you can manually trigger in the final boss battle counts. During the final boss battle, you will see that Lofty has a circle underneath him, similar to when you can activate higgledy skills. Hold down the X button and a bar will fill up; when it’s full, an awakening will occur. You should be able to get multiple awakenings this way for each fight and you can refight the final boss once you save your game after the credits. The only problem with this is that you can’t get the trophy from one of these awakenings, so you will need to do a normal battle and grab one of the golden balls to get it.



Higgledy Gaggle!

Higgledies are small creatures that provide some benefits in battle, as well as outside of it (mostly in, though). While there are a few obtained from sidequests, the majority will be recruited by either finding higgledy stones and providing them with the correct item, or by cooking them up in the Higglery in Evermore. There is a total of 100 higgledies in the game and every single one has four skills. You can equip up to a total of four higgledies to join you in battles, although each one has a cost associated with it and you can’t exceed a total cost of 10.

One thing the game doesn’t tell you, though, is that each higgledy belongs to a "group," which is mostly determined by its physical features, such as a small horn as an example. You will know you have a Higgledy Gaggle, as the words will pop up on your screen. Each gaggle provides a benefit/buff to the party, although it’s not a significant one. Below are three examples of higgledies that will produce a gaggle.

– Pib the Peregrinator, Abradab the Aviator, Gyre the Flyer, Clangle the Spangly
– Boss-Woss the Bruiser, Wiff-Waff the Wafty, Twinkle the Twee, Mome the Munificent
– Tove the Tenebrous, Topturvy the Testy, Unkimmon the Uncommon, Mimber the Meanderer



Music Buff

Songbooks are key items that you can collect around the world which allow you to listen to in-game music. However, before that can happen, you will need to build the Symphonium in Evermore and recruit Nereus from Sidequest 048. There’s a total of 31 Songbooks in the game, although you only need to collect 30 of them for this trophy. They can be found in treasure chests, dropped by Tainted Monsters and rewarded to you for finishing sidequests. For the locations of every single Songbook in the game, you can visit the Songbook Locations page.



Citizen Recruiting Trophies

Once you reach Chapter 4 of the main story, you will gain access to your kingdom and can start building it up. Of course, a kingdom needs citizens and you will be able to recruit up to 100 of them, all of which will be needed to acquire these three trophies. All citizens are recruited via sidequests (aside a few that come as you progress the main story), which you will have to finish a good number of the 175 sidequests in the game. Note that the in-game list found in the Library has 103 citizens, but this includes Evan, Roland and Lofty, all of whom don’t count towards the 100 required. You will know a sidequest will result in a new citizen because of the card that appears with a character’s name, stats and skill on the right side of the screen. You won’t be able to get this until after the main story is completed, as there are four citizens to recruit in the post-game.



Cooking Trophies

One of the first buildings you can construct in Evermore is Tasty’s Cookshop, which can only be run by Floyd, who will automatically join as a citizen during the main story. The dishes you can make require various materials, all of which you can collect from the resource facilities in Evermore, especially once you level it up to four in the post-game. In addition to this, each dish has a Cooking Level associated to it, which you can increase just by making other dishes; the fastest way to increase the Cooking Level is to make dishes you haven’t made before.

You will need to cook 50 unique dishes in order to get this trophy, of which there are only 51 in the game. Your list of dishes that you can create is relatively small at the start, but you can procure new recipe books throughout the game, which will add more dishes to make. There’s a total of five of these that you will be able to get, four from specific sidequests and one will come your way during the main story. Below is a quick list of when you can get those recipe books.

Fabulous Fairy-Tale Fare - Main story
Gambling GourmandSidequest 029
A Seafood OdysseySidequest 058
Brain Fuel How to Eat SmartSidequest 088
How the Ancients AteSidequest 160



Weapon Whizz

One of the first facilities you will build when you gain access to Evermore is the Weapon Workshop, which allows you to create new melee and ranged weapons. You will need to make 50 unique weapons for this trophy, of which there is a much larger number than that, so you shouldn’t have any trouble with it. While there are a few weapons unlocked via sidequests, the majority are unlocked by doing research at the Weapon Workshop. Note that the last few researches will unlock upon reaching Kingdom Level 4, although this won’t really be needed to reach the quota for the trophy.



Armor Ace

One of the first facilities you will build when you gain access to Evermore is the Outfitters, which allows you to create armor and acessories for your characters. For this trophy, you will need to make 50 unique pieces, of which there is more than double that available. The majority of the armors and accessories will be unlocked by doing research and the last few will be unlocked upon reaching Kingdom Level 4, which is not really necessary to obtain this trophy.



Master of Magic

One of the first facilities you will be able to build at Evermore is the Spellworks, which will allow you to learn more spells for your characters. You can also upgrade those spells at the Spellworks, allowing them to grow more powerful, by using the various materials you gather in the game. For this trophy, you will need to upgrade spells a total of 50 times. You unlock more spells by researching them and also reaching specific levels with previous ones. Note that an "upgrade" doesn’t count when you unlock a new spell. Each spell listed as upgradeable in the Spellworks maxes out at level 15 and each character has their own spells, even if they are the same actual one. Since there’s a total of 26 spells in the game, you should have no trouble unlocking this trophy.



Higgledy Hotshot

One of the first facilities you will be able to build at Evermore is the Higglery, where you will be able to cook up new higgledies, as well as level them up. You will unlock more choices for cooking higgledies by conducting research at the facility, which requires you to upgrade the facility itself. There’s only 68 cookable higgledies in the game, so you’re going to make choices on which ones to make whenever you do the 50 for this trophy. It should be noted that cooking up higgledies uses far more materials than anything else, so be prepared to do a lot of farming your resource facilities.



Kingdom Building Trophies

There are two trophies related to building up Evermore, the first of which requires you to build at least 20 facilities. When you first gain access to Evermore in Chapter 4, you can only construct a total of 16 facilities. Once you have recruited 25 citizens and built at least 10 facilities, you will be able to upgrade your kingdom to level 2, which will have another 28 facilities you can build. This means that the soonest you can get Master Builder isn’t until Chapter 5. For King of the Castle, you will need to recruit all of the citizens in the game, as well as build all 64 facilities available, allowing you to upgrade the kingdom to level 4.




Influence is one of the more important stats whenever you are building up Evermore, as it determines the amount of Kingsguilders you will accumulate and earn per hour. Basically, the higher your influence, the more Kingsguilders you will accrue. You gain influence by building new facilities, upgrading them and finishing the researches at those which has them. For this trophy, you will need to increase your influence to at least 70,000,000, which might sound like a lot, but it really isn’t. It is possible to get this when your kingdom is level 3, but it requires pretty much all research to be done, as well as all facilities upgraded to their max at that point. So, you likely won’t acquire the trophy until you have recruited all 100 citizens and upgrade your kingdom to level 4.



Skirmish Trophies

Skirmishes are army battles, where you will control a single unit comprised up of four smaller units. There are three basic units (swords, hammers and spears), which is used in a rock-paper-scissors manner of which unit is weak to what, as well as other types of units that generally aren’t strong or weak to anything else (exception being that shields are weak to hammers, though). There is a total of 50 unique skirmishes in the game, which means you will need to complete them all for the God of War trophy. For finishing the main story and all of the sidequests, you will get 21 out of those 50, which leaves the remaining 29 being on the world map.

The biggest problem with this is that all of the skirmishes won’t be present on the map at once, since there is a bit of a random factor in play as to when they’ll appear. Your best bet is to save your game, then reload it to see if the skirmish you want has respawned. One particular skirmish that is easily missed is the Invaders of Evermore, which is a flag that’s pretty much right next to it. There’s a total of seven of these and they are sequential, meaning you will have to do the first Invaders before the second appears, and so on. For a full list of every skirmish in the game, visit the Skirmish List page.



Dreamer’s Maze Trophies

There are three trophies associated with Dreamer’s Mazes, the first of which you will get is Dream a Little Dream for entering your first one. Dreamer’s Mazes are optional dungeons that are completely random in their layout, but static in the number of floors they have, as well as the boss you fight at the end. You will be introduced to them whenever you’re doing Sidequest 001 during Chapter 4, where Mileniyah will hand over a key that lets you delve inside of the dungeons and also begin Sidequest 002. There is a total of ten Dreamer’s Mazes in the game, but you will need to complete the Sidequest 002 in order to gain access to the tenth.

You should be able to enter and complete Grotty Grotto Maze (the first one you see) at the time you’re introduced to it, but the others will be presented as you progress in the main story. The main mechanic in Dreamer’s Mazes is the Danger Level in the top right corner of the screen. As you explore these dungeons, the Danger Level will gradually increase and upon leveling up, the monsters will grow in level and become more dangerous. This Danger Level maxes out at five and that is what you’ll need to do to unlock the Bad Dream trophy. The Dimensional Labs in Evermore have pieces of research that will slow the rate at which the Danger Level will increase, but for this trophy, it’s best to avoid doing that as it can take upwards of 10-20 minutes to reach the max if you research everything.

The final trophy related to Dreamer’s Mazes is called Big Dream, which has you completing all ten mazes. The first nine are part of Sidequest 002 and shouldn’t prove much of a challenge after you finish the main story (the sidequest itself lists all pertinant information related to those nine mazes). Once you complete the quest, you will gain an upgraded key and be able to enter the tenth maze. This is located on a small island to the east-southeast of Broadleaf, where you’ll find a mini-dungeon called Faraway Forest. This is, by far, the most dangerous maze, as the enemies inside start out at around level 70 or so and the maze itself is 30 floors long.

Floors 10 and 20 are Floors of Respite, where the Danger Level won’t increase and you can take a quick breather. However, the floors following those will have an increase in the enemies’ levels (80s and 90s, respectively, at Danger Level 1). You will want all of the research done at the Dimensional Labs for this, as at Danger Level 5, enemies in the last set of floors can have levels upwards of 120 or so. The final boss in Faraway Forest Maze is level 95 (DL1) and is similar to the giant ape-like enemies, with a few extra moves. Once you defeat him and leave, then you will get Dream Big. It should be noted that Faraway Forest Maze is home to the rarest materials in the game, many of which can only be gotten here. It’s best to hurry to floor 21 and go from there, as that is where you will get most of the items.


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