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074 Price’s Delayed Delivery

Jarrod Garripoli
Location Broadleaf; Lower Midtown (By the food shop)
Chapter 7
6570 Exp, 2280G, Windy Genuine Replica, Price as Citizen

A trader by the name of Price is waiting for a delivery, but it seems to be delayed. He can’t leave to check on the delivery, for fear that it will come while he’s gone, so you offer to go in his stead. The package is coming from Goldpaw and if you look at your world map, you see the marker is in between there and Capstan. Teleport to the Calmlands trip door, travel south across the bridge, then immediately west to find the delivery robot. Speaking with the robot spells the delay, as its route will bring it through some bandit territory, so it asks you to escort it. This will put a skirmish flag on the map, which is a level 17 battle.

This is an escort mission here, with the two robots marked on your map right where you start. You have to make sure they don’t die along the way, so it’s important to keep right next to them at all times, since they might wander into enemy territory. Your goal is to the south, so start travelling to have three hammer units appear in your vicinity. Take them out quickly and continue moving south, where you’ll come across some irregular units. This is where things can get quite hairy, as you also have to deal with siege towers and to make matters worse, some wyverns will also spawn.

(1 of 2) Make it your top priority to protect both robot units in this quest

Make it your top priority to protect both robot units in this quest (left), which can be difficult when they run off on their own (right)

You’ll not only have the siege towers and irregular units pestering you, but the wyverns can be nasty and do their fireball attack. Quickly make short work of the wyverns first, then concentrate on the other units and installations, then continue south. Your next problem will be the cannon not that much farther, so make a priority over the normal units. The last enemies you will face are three hedgehound ones, which are spear units. They aren’t anything special, so they should go down quick. Once they are out of the way, the robots will move to the end and the skirmish will be over. Return to Price in Broadleaf to finish the quest.


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