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Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom
Strategy Guide

First Published: 06-04-2018 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-06-2020 / 06:11 GMT
Version: 0.1 (????) 15-07-2020 / 23:52 GMT

You will be controlling Roland for this short little bit, where you will need to go around and read some books in the library. All of them are marked, so you won't be wandering around aimlessly reading miscellaneous books. You will learn about the kingdoms of Broadleaf, a technologically advanced place, Hydropolis, an ocean kingdom, and other kingdoms like Ding Dong Dell, Allegoria, and Goldpaw. Once you've finished reading all of the books, speak to Evan in the library and the party will discuss their next plan. You will need to return to the throne room in Evermore to continue the story, but there's a big point of interest that just unlocked.

Some new posts will show up on Leafbook, so open it up and you'll see two important ones. One will be about a new "Ones to Watch"; this one about Chi Pi, but you won't be able to find him just yet. The other post is about something called Swift Solutions. You will be able to find this NPC just outside of the casino, so go ahead and speak with the man to learn about Swift Solutions.

Swift Solutions

Swift Solutions is basically a service in which NPCs will be able to post small quests for you to do. Upon completing them, you will receive Tokens of Gratitude, which can be traded in for items/equipment, as well as locations for more citizens for Evermore. The latter is very important, as you won't be able to find these NPCs unless you go through Swift Solutions. The NPC will only ever have a total of 12 Tasks available at a time (you can only take on 12 at a time, too), so if you complete them all, then you'll need to wait for a short bit before speaking with the NPC again.

Complete the simple tasks to earn Tokens of Gratitude which you can spend to scout some new citizens

Look through the items he has to see there are some you haven't even found yet, plus a bunch of accessories. Scout New Citizens is definitely the highlight here, as you will be able to undertake some more sidequests and these ones are guaranteed to give you new citizens. All of the new citizen sidequests will cost you a total of 52 Tokens of Gratitude, so hopefully you have enough tasks that yield that amount. The sidequests associated with the citizens are even easier, as you will simply need to talk to them (all are in Goldpaw) to finish the sidequests. The following are the sidequests you will receive if you get all of them:

-- 013 Yung Mein, the Trainee Guard -- 018 Chi Pi, the Master Carpenter -- 019 Ah Chu, the Caring Blacksmith -- 020 Yu Kan, the Kind Teacher -- 021 Fitch, the Friendly Blacksmith

If you visit Evermore (you will have to) and check the map when you're there, you will see that two of your citizens have favors to ask of you (three, if you recruit Yung Mein, whose quest you can't finish). These two sidequests are a little different than other ones, since you will need to craft two specific pieces of equipment that need a certain grade. Grade on equipment can be found in the lower left corner of the stats window; it's the number within the circled star there. For Fai Do's quest, you need to research Level 1 Armor Development and for Nu Bi's, you will be required to research Level 1 Ranged Weapon Development. Both pieces of equipment start out with a Grade of 2 and you can add more to it with catalysts. The Hybrid Bow uses Solid Lumber (Swift Solutions has this) and the Iron Armor uses Copper Nuggets; three catalysts for each will suffice.

-- 015 Wanted: Exemplary Armor -- 016 Wanted: A Well-Good Weapon -- 017 A Gift for Gao Jia

Note: The above two sidequests will reward you with Kingsguilders, instead of the usual guilders.

When you are ready to continue, simply enter the throne room at Evermore and speak with Roland. The party will discuss what they want to do in order to get everyone to sign the Declaration of Interdependence, with Lofty suggesting that Goldpaw be the first one.

Goldpaw Joins the Union

Travel back to Goldpaw and head straight for Pugnacius' place in Fortune Square. Speak with him about the union, only for him to rely on Lady Luck for the decision, although things take a turn when the dice rolls unfavorably. Return to the Grand High Roller Hall and make the pact with Pugnacius, who suggests visiting Hydropolis next. The only problem is that you'll need a ship for this, with Capstan-upon-Hull being the place to visit for that. So, your destination is set and this chapter will finally draw to a close.

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A Destiny Discovered

Awarded for finishing Chapter 4.


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