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Songbook Locations

Jarrod Garripoli

One of the few actual collectibles in Ni no Kuni II, Songbooks don’t really have any relevance to anything in the game and are more of a bonus. Once you build up your kingdom enough, you will be able to construct the Symphonium, which is the first step in utilizing the Songbooks. It isn’t until you can recruit Nereus from finishing Sidequest 048 that you will be able to use the Symphonium. Basically, the Symphonium allows you to listen to the Songbooks, which are tracks from the game, as long as Nereus is assigned to it. You will be able to find Songbooks all over, usually in chests, as rewards from sidequests or for defeating Tainted Monsters. There’s a total of 31 Songbooks in the game, but you only need to obtain 30 for the Music Buff trophy.

(1 of 2) Once you build the Symphonium and recruit Nereus

Once you build the Symphonium and recruit Nereus (left), you will be able to listen to the in-game music you collected via the Songbooks (right)

Songbook No. Location
01 Sidequest 048
02 Sidequest 161
03 Rolling Hills; Follow river northeast of trip door to find blue chest
04 Starboard Isle near Capstan; Behind Quilla (Tainted Monster)
05 Upheer Plain (Ding Dong Dell region); In normal chest by the level 70 Windwyrm south of Hideaway Hollow (Requires Zippelin)
06 Sidequest 170
07 Sidequest 034
08 Sidequest 062
09 Sidequest 092
10 Sidequest 152
11 Sidequest 129
12 Old Well in Ding Dong Dell; In normal chest at dead end close to exit to Slums
13 Cloudcoil Canyon; In normal chest where you fought Incineraptor in Chapter 4
14 Forest of Niall; In a normal chest on the eastern side of Hard Woods (Chapter 5)
15 The Abyss; Found in a normal chest at 3000 Fathoms Deep
16 Factory Floors; Found in a normal chest on Dynafloor No. 3
17 Sidequest 168
18 Rubbly Ruins; In a blue chest on a hill in the northeastern part
19 Near Wyverns’ Den; In a normal chest on a ledge that can be accessed with Quicken Growth
20 Reward for defeating Tainted Monster, Skyrch
21 Reward for defeating Tainted Monster, Swellhorn
22 Reward for defeating Tainted Monster, Starless Knight
23 Reward for defeating Tainted Monster, Ziggy
24 Automatically obtained during Sidequest 106
25 Sidequest 144
26 Sidequest 164
27 Sidequest 060
28 Sidequest 155
29 Sidequest 066
30 Sidequest 087
31 Sidequest 022


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