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Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom
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First Published: 06-04-2018 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 21-05-2020 / 18:25 GMT
Version: 0.1 (????) 28-05-2020 / 01:02 GMT

Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom Guide

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Skirmish List

Skirmishes are army battles that occur during a few main story points in the game, as well as during some sidequests and even out on the world map. The majority of these will begin whenever you interact with a flag on the field, where you will be brought to a briefing screen. Here, you can add buffs to your units with Kingsguilders, check out the map and even switch units. Skirmishes usually end by defeating all enemies or defeating a specific unit, although some have other objectives. There's a total of 50 unique skirmishes in the game and doing all sidequests/main story ones will get you 21 out of that 50, meaning the remaining 29 are all found on the world map. You will need to do all 50 in order to get the God of War trophy. The only problem with this is that the ones on the world map have a bit of a random spawn attached to them, so all won't be present at all times, so you will need to enter/exit towns in order to respawn them (or just reload your game). Below is a list of all the skirmishes in the game, separated by main story, sidequest, then world map.

Unfinished skirmishes will have a golden aura while finished ones will have a blue aura

Note: Update Version 1.02 made it so completed skirmishes will have a blue aura around the flag, instead of the normal yellow/golden color.

Skirmish (Level)TypeLocationNotes
Battle for the Heartlands (1)Main Story----
Steal Back the Starlight (6)Main Story----
Labor of the Labyrinth (12)Main Story----
Approaching the Ultimate (21)Main Story----
The Final Fight (23)Main Story----
Verninate the Horde (10)Sidequest 022----
TYRAN, REEL KING (19)Sidequest 031----
Joint Exercise: Code Yellow (14)Sidequest 034----
Lost Souls' Lament (16)Sidequest 051----
Angling for Fangfish (25)Sidequest 061----
Joint Exercise: Code Blue (24)Sidequest 062----
Delivery at any Price! (17)Sidequest 074----
Tyran's Lucky Country (34)Sidequest 090----
Joint Exercise: Metal Test (28)Sidequest 092----
Fight Back Fabricas (44)Sidequest 118----
Rage of the Righteous (17)Sidequest 122----
Flames of the Firedrake (19)Sidequest 124----
Marlene: Conjurer Corrupted (18)Sidequest 138----
What's Rightfully Ours (54)Sidequest 144----
Tyran's Last Stand (51)Sidequest 147----
Joint Exercise: Code Green (46)Sidequest 152----
Skirmish (Level)TypeLocationNotes
Bag that Brute Bruce!World MapRolling Hills (Near Grotty Grotto)You will want to rush straight towards Bruce, as there is only three minutes, but it's hard because of all the enemies.
Batter Those BanditsWorld MapHeartlands (West of Evermore)--
Bots Gone BonkersWorld MapSequoia Valley (West of Broadleaf)--
Criminal Capture: Bandit GangWorld MapCalmlands (East of Eert Grove)Ignore small fry and run straight after the main target. Try to block his retreat, which is in the area with the dragon.
Escort Mission: Shock and OreWorld MapSequoia Valley (Outside Powder Keg Cavern)--
Fabricas' FortletsWorld MapCalmlands (South of Forest of Niall)--
Here Come the Whamsters!World MapHeartlands (South of Evermore)--
Invaders of Evermore IWorld MapHeartlands (By Evermore)--
Invaders of Evermore IIWorld MapHeartlands (By Evermore)Complete Invaders I
Invaders of Evermore IIIWorld MapHeartlands (By Evermore)Complete Invaders II
Invaders of Evermore IVWorld MapHeartlands (By Evermore)Complete Invaders III
Invaders of Evermore VWorld MapHeartlands (By Evermore)Complete Invaders IV
Invaders of Evermore VIWorld MapHeartlands (By Evermore)Complete Invaders V
Invaders of Evermore VIIWorld MapHeartlands (By Evermore)Complete Invaders VI
Joint Exercise: Desert StrikeWorld MapNorthern part of DrylandsComplete Joint Exercise: Winter Warfare
Joint Exercise: Winter WarfareWorld MapJack Frost's Playground (Near Glacial Grotto)Complete the four Sidequest Joint Exercises
March of the WyvernsWorld MapMiddle of Drylands--
Sandy Survey Party RescueWorld MapNorthern part of Drylands--
Snowy Survey Party RescueWorld MapJack Frost's Playground (Near Crash Site)--
Special Delivery: Forest of NiallWorld MapHeartlands (Near Evermore)--
Survey Party ProtectionWorld MapJack Frost's Playground (Permafrost Plains)--
The Battle for BroadleafWorld MapSequoia Valley (North of Broadleaf)--
The Frosty FortressWorld MapJack Frost's Playground (Near Crash Site)--
Wallop WhamstersWorld MapRolling Hills (Near Grotty Grotto)--
Whamelie Feud IWorld MapJack Frost's Playground (Near Crash Site)--
Whamelie Feud IIWorld MapJack Frost's Playground (By Freezybones Cave)Complete Whamelie Feud I
Whamelie Feud IIIWorld MapSouthern part of DrylandsComplete Whamelie Feud II
Whamster Base ObliterationWorld MapNear Ding Dong Dell--
Whamsters Wanting WizardryWorld MapLeucippes' Labyrinth--

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