Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition

Prison Island

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts

Prison Island is another area, in which you visit twice during the main story. The first visit has you exploring a limited number of floors and while there are some enemies, they are limited in number and you won’t find any collectibles. On the second visit, the entire place is opened up and enemies will be a higher level, plus you will also run into Unique Monsters this time. In order to access the First and Second Sanctums, you need to raise the Bone Pillar, then jump down from the sides to the ledges above the Central Hall, where you will be able to get to the Sanctums. There is a Kitchen Door Key on 3F, at the dead end hall to the south, which basically allows you easier access to the Kitchen area on 1F.


Category Items Reward
Fruit Dry Lemon, Death Lychee, Hell Raspberry, Deadly Kiwi Break V
Animal Dancing Squirrel, Lightning Weasel, Angry Monkey Good Footing V
Bug Senorita Scarab, Emperor Beetle Agility Up V
Nature Absurd Branch, Insanity Moss Strength Up V
Parts White Cover, Modern Resistor, Green Cam, Strong Screw Ledios Cuisses
Strange Blue Glow, Blue Blood Ether Up V
  • The reward for finishing the Collectopaedia for this area is a Ledios Plate (Heavy Chest Armour)


Landmark When Available Area
Bridge of Grief Second Visit GF
Prison Gate Second Visit GF
Empty Throne Second Visit 3F
Gondorl Cathedral Second Visit 5F
Prison Terrace Second Visit 6F


Location When Available Area
Damaged Transporter Second Visit GF
Central Hall Second Visit GF
First Sanctum Second Visit GF
Second Sanctum Second Visit GF
Banquet Hall Second Visit 1F
Kitchen Second Visit 1F
Behemoth Nest Second Visit 2F
Battle Arena Second Visit 2F
Arena Second Visit 3F
Gravina Bridge Second Visit 4F
Great Canyon Second Visit 4F
Corridor of Silence Second Visit 5F
Travalga Bridge Second Visit 5F
Basverg Belfry Second Visit 5F

Normal Enemies

Enemy Level Location
Babel Deinos 72-75 Banquet Hall, Gravina Bridge
Babeli Barg 74-76 Central Hall, Gravina Bridge (after defeating Babel Deinos)
Caura Balgas 75 Accompanies Fiendish Auburn
Cratere Nebula 77 Kitchen
Fiume Nebula 74 Central Hall
Gimran Egel 75 Travalga Bridge
Gracile Nebula 76 Arena
Newgate Laia 75-76 Flying around in outside areas
Obart Obart 76 Banquet Hall
Randa Nebula 74 Between Bridge of Grief and Damaged Transporter
Sanjibal Behemoth 78 Behemoth Nest
Solare Nebula 77 Corridor of Silence
Tored Ageshu 72-74 Banquet Hall
Uragano Nebula 76 Gravina Bridge

Unique Monsters

Unique Monster Level Location
Abnormal Clone Barg 77 First Sanctum
Ageless Moabit 75 Damaged Transporter
Cold Ageshu 77 Kitchen
Fiendish Auburn 78 Gravina Bridge (after defeating Babel Deinos and Babeli Bargs)
Inferno Heinrich 76 Kitchen
Majestic Clone Barg 77 Second Sanctum
Masterful Gigapur 77 Travalga Bridge
Serene Imlaly 76 Banquet Hall


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