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Bionis' Leg

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts

Lower Level Map for Bionis' Leg

Upper Level Map for Bionis' Leg

Bionis’ Leg is the first large open area in the game, with the sprawling Gaur Plains (accompanied by one of the best songs in the game) being the major focal point of the location. There are many dangers in this region, both coming from high-level enemies sprinkled throughout, as well as a lot of cliffs. Bionis’ Leg is also home to a Refugee Camp, where you will be able to get some more quests, find more named NPCs and even have another party member join your group. There are two Secret Areas located in this region, both of which might be a little troublesome to get right away, so it’s best to wait a little bit and get that party member before you uncover those.


Category Items Reward
Vegetables Hot Taro, Juicy Broccoli, Spicy Cabbage, Hard Lotus Pelt Top
Fruit Sour Gooseberry, Red Durian, Walnut Grape, Humming Plum Paralysis II
Bugs White Ladybird, Hill Firefly, Moth Crawler, Queen Locust, Fire Tarantula Grand Gauntlets
Nature Mat Ice, Bluesky Bark, Pione Stone Bind Resist II
Parts Rusty Bolt, Winding Gear Strength Up II
Strange Gold Dust Illusion, Devious Gravity, White Songbird, Death Bangle Pelt Bottoms
  • The reward for completing the Collectopaedia for this area is a White Cluster (a weapon for Sharla).


Landmark When Available Area
Ragrinar Canyon Path First Visit Lower Level
Jabos Rock Rest Area First Visit Lower Level
Kamos Guidepost First Visit Lower Level
Refugee Camp Story Lower Level
Raguel Bridge - South First Visit Lower Level
Raguel Bridge - North First Visit Lower Level
Spiral Valley First Visit Upper Level
Zax Guidepost First Visit Upper Level
Bask Cave Passage First Visit Upper Level
Observation Platform (Secret) First Visit Upper Level
Believer’s Paradise (Secret) First Visit Upper Level


Location When Available Area
Gaur Plain First Visit Lower Level
Volff Lair First Visit Lower Level
Rho Oasis First Visit Lower Level
Tirkin Headquarters First Visit Lower Level
Viliera Hill First Visit Lower Level
Kisk Cave First Visit Lower Level
Sky Stage First Visit Lower Level
Raguel Lake First Visit Lower Level
Daksha Shrine First Visit Lower Level
Tranquil Grotto First Visit Lower Level
Windy Cave First Visit Lower Level
Crevasse Waterfall First Visit Lower Level
Maguel Road First Visit Lower Level
Traveller’s Rest First Visit Upper Level
Kasharpa Falls First Visit Upper Level

Normal Enemies

Enemy Level Location
Admiral Arachno 73 Windy Cave
Aqua Nebula 17 Found during rain/thunderstorms
Archer Tirkin 13-15 On Gaur Plain
Basin Antol 15-16 Outside Refugee Camp; On path to Daksha Shrine
Berserk Ardun 13 North of Spiral Valley (accompany Trainer Harmelon
Big Brog 18 Island west of Kasharpa Falls; Marshes west of Spiral Valley (Day)
Black Flamii 12 Near water on Gaur Plain (Day)
Brave Tirkin 17-19 Tirkin Headquarters; Outside eastern exit of Kisk Cave
Clowd Flier 14 Windy Cave, Viliera Hill, Believer’s Paradise (Day; Sunny)
Craft Bunnit 11 North of Jabos Rock Rest Area
Daksha Pod 11 Near Daksha Shrine
Dark Hox 74-76 On stone platforms near Raguel Bridge
Daughter Armu 10 On Gaur Plain
Easy Hox 14 On cliffs northeast of Jabos Rock Rest Area; South of Kamos Guidepost
Envy Gogol 80 On cliffs north of Kamos Guidepost; Can spawn from Pandora Pods in side cavern of Windy Cave
Envy Sardi 77 In Raguel Lake and Tranquil Grotto (Day, Sunny)
Field Ponio 12-14 Eastern end of Gaur Plain (Day)
Fine Flier 12 On Gaur Plain (Day, Sunny)
Flash Wisp 14 Near bridge leading to Bask Cave Passage (Night, Clear)
General Arachno 75 Windy Cave
Gluttony Gogol 78 North of Raguel Bridge; On rocky platforms above Raguel Lake
Greed Gogol 75-77 North of Raguel Bridge; On rocky platforms above Raguel Lake
Guard Tirkin 15-18 Tirkin Headquarters
Gust Vang 15 Kisk Cave
Javelin Tirkin 16 Gaur Plain; Tirkin Headquarters
Lahar Flamii 73 West of Spiral Valley and near water by Jabos Rock Rest Area (Night)
Lancer Tirkin 17-19 Northwest of Kasharpa Falls
Last Rhogul 76 Near Zax Guidepost and Crevasse Waterfall
Leader Volff 17 From Gaur Plain to Raguel Lake
Leg Antol 13 Windy Cave and near Daksha Shrine
Leg Arachno 17 Kisk Cave
Leg Ardun 12 Gaur Plain
Leg Armu 12 Gaur Plain
Leg Lizard 16-18 Southeast of Spiral Valley
Leg Piranhax 13 Ponds of Gaur Plain area
Leg Skeeter 10 North of Gaur Plain
Leg Tokilos 79 Ledge east of Zax Guidepost (must not be raining)
Leg Volff 13 Gaur Plain (Night), Volff Lair (Any)
Light Wisp 13 Gaur Plain (Night)
Magnis Ardun 77 Southeastern Gaur Plain, Rho Oasis
Maker Bunnit 13 North of Jabos Rock Rest Area
M32 Scout Unit 15 Near Raguel Bridge - South and Maguel Road
M42 Scout Unit 13 Near Raguel Bridge - South and Maguel Road
Mechon M32 15 Near Raguel Bridge - South and Maguel Road
Mechon M53 14-16 Southwest of Raguel Lake
Mechon M53X 15 Maguel Road
Mechon M64 16 Northwest of Raguel Bridge - South; East of Raguel Bridge - North
Mellow Sardi 15 Gaur Plain
Mount Torta 32 Underneath Viliera Hill
Niece Ponio 12 Eastern end of Gaur Plain (Day)
Oasis Flamii 17 Shores of Raguel Lake
Pandora Pod 74 Windy Cave
Prairie Antol 16 Near Daksha Shrine
Ranger Tirkin 17 Near Spiral Valley
Ravine Antol 18 Near Daksha Shrine
Royal Caterpile 74 Windy Cave
Sloth Gogol 74-76 Northeast of Viliera Hill; North of Raguel Lake
Slugger Bunnit 12 North of Jabos Rock Rest Area
Sniper Tirkin 15-18 Gaur Plain; Tirkin Headquarters
Spear Tirkin 14-16 South of Gaur Plain; Tirkin Headquarters
Tempest Vang 75 Windy Cave
Training Tirkin 15-17 Southeast of Spiral Valley
Ugly Volff 15 Volff Lair
White Hox 75 On stone platforms near Raguel Bridge

Unique Monsters

Unique Monster Level Location
Armoured Rockwell 82 Under Viliera Hill (Rain/Thunderstorm
Canyon Valencia 78 Flies above Raguel Bridge and Observation Platform (Clear Weather)
Clifftop Bayern 32 End of Daksha Shrine (must get close to edge)
Field Altrich 76 Northwest of Crevasse Waterfall
Immovable Gonzalez 90 At Spiral Valley (after story battles)
Mysterious Barnaby 75 In small cave in Windy Cave
Napping Volfen 17 Eastern part of Gaur Plain (Rain/Thunderstorm)
Night Cardamon 18 Near Kasharpa Falls (Night/Clear Weather)
Sniper Paramecia 15 Southwestern Gaur Plain
Territorial Rotbart 81 Roams eastern Gaur Plain
Trainer Harmelon 15 North of Spiral Valley
Vagrant Alfead 16 Tirkin Headquarters
Violent Andante 16 Viliera Hill
White Eduardo 17 On island in middle of Raguel Lake (Thunderstorm)


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