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Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Ben Chard, Jarrod Garripoli, Seren Morgan-Roberts
First Published: 01-06-2020 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 11-07-2020 / 12:24 GMT
Version: 0.8 (????) 11-07-2020 / 13:52 GMT

Unique Quests Available from Chapter 1

The following quests are available at the beginning of the game.

Biscuits for a Grandson
Client Rewards Affinity
Marcia 800G, 30 EXP, Swimming Sandals None

Near the Ether Light landmark in the Commercial District of Colony 9, you will come across an old lady called Marcia standing next to the shop. She will ask you to take biscuits to her Grandson, Jiroque, who is training for a fight with his brother. He can be found in Tranquil Square from 18:00 to 03:00. When you find him, he'll be punching a tree, in preparation for the fight. Jiroque will accept the biscuits and the quest will update, telling you to return to Marcia. Due to the difference in their active hours, changing the time in the Main Menu can be useful here. Head back to the shop in the Commercial District and talk to Marcia. She will thank and reward you, and upon completion, an affinity link between Marcia and Jiroque will be established, showing them to have a close relationship.

The quest concludes with the rather ominous phrase: "Jiroque has his grandmother's biscuits. What will happen when he fights his brother...?"

This quest must be completed in order to unlock A Big Brother's Quest from Zukazu.

Education-Minded Suzanna
Client Rewards Affinity
Suzanna 500G, 50 EXP, Light Cap None

Suzanna is trying to get her son, Moritz, to study and wants to find some sweets to encourage him. She asks you to fetch her some Black Nectar, which can be obtained from Skeeters in Tephra Cave. Alternatively, you can also trade with Kenny Rohan to get some Black Nectar. After collecting the nectar, head back to Suzanna to complete the quest.

This quest must be completed to unlock Suzanna's second quest, Education-Crazy Suzanna.

Education-Crazy Suzanna
Client Rewards Affinity
Suzanna 1500G, 300 EXP 2✰

You need to have completed Educated-Minded Suzanna in order for this quest to become available. Suzanna tells you that the Black Nectar worked for a little while, but now Moritz just eats sweets instead of studying. She asks you to fetch 2 pieces of Heavy Bunniv Iron from Tephra Cave for "weight lifting". Heavy Bunniv Iron pieces can be obtained by defeating Iron Bunniv or the Mining Patrichev Unique monster. After collecting the items, return to Suzanna where she will reveal her crazy plan to tie her son down with weights to make him study. She truly is "education-crazy".

Lonely Niranira
Client Rewards Affinity
Niranira 100G, 50 EXP, Block Guarder None

To begin this quest, talk to the Nopon boy, Niranira, in Tranquil Square within the Residential District of Colony 9. He will tell you that he doesn't have the courage to deliver his letter to the local Homs boy, Lukas, asking him to be his friend. He will ask you to deliver the letter for him. Lukas can be found playing near the Southwest bridge of the Residential District, from 09:00 to 15:00. Once you have delivered the letter, return to Niranira to complete the quest. Upon completion, an affinity link between Niranira and Lukas will be established, showing them as Kind Friends.

Niranmira is very happy that he and Lukas are now friends.

This quest must be completed in order to unlock the Pride and Courage quest from Lukas.

Pride and Courage
Client Rewards Affinity
Lukas 800G, 100 EXP, Attack Plus II 2✰

In order to begin this sidequest, not only does Moritz need to be registered on the Affinity Chart, but you also need to have completed Lonely Niranira. Once you do, head to the Residential District in Colony 9 and find Lukas near the bridge leading out of the city (at the times above). He will mention that Niranira was baited into going to Hazzai Cape to get a Krabble shell, so he wants you to go after him. Hazzai Cape is located east and a little south of the Residential District, so hop into the waters below and down, then around the Anti-Air Battery 3. You should have the quest marker to guide you to Hazzai Cape, but you want to be careful, as there are some level 70+ monsters on the eastern side of this place. Find Niranira and speak to him, then return to Lukas. Speak to him, then Moritz, then Lukas once more to finish.

The Broken Watch
Client Rewards Affinity
Désirée 750G, 80 EXP, Muscle Up II None

Désirée has broken her watch again, and needs you to fix it for her. You agree to take it back to the Weapon Dev. Lab to fix it, but when you get there you find out you will also require 3 Blue Chains because of how badly damaged the watch is. These parts can be found across Colony 9. Once obtained, head back to Shulk's lab to repair the watch. To complete the quest, talk to Désirée and return the watch.

The Key to a Long Life
Client Rewards Affinity
Dionysis 500G, 50 EXP, Light Shoes None

In Tranquil Square within the Residential District of Colony 9, you will find Dionysis sitting on a bench. He has recently run out of medicine and asks you to collect some Mecidinal Brog Oil for him. This can be obtained from defeating Brogs across Colony 9, or you can trade with Betty (at 1✰) or Leopold (at 2✰) for some. Once you have collected the oil, return to Dionysis to complete the quest.

A Young Captain's Request
Client Rewards Affinity
Emmy Leater 600G, 70 EXP, Dyed Top, Dyed Bottoms, Dyed Mules 1✰

You will find Emmy Leater in the northern part of the Fortress Entrance in Military District of Colony 9. She will angrily tell you that her subordinate, Miller, is slacking off. She tells you he is somewhere in the Commercial District and asks you to find him. It is a little tricky to find Miller, so firstly, you'll want to head to the Gem Man's Stall landmark, then walk through the building to the right of the Gem Man. When you reach the ledge overlooking the water, turn to the left and you will see a lower level that you can jump down to. Walk straight ahead and you should find Miller leaning against a wall. When you approach him, he will agree to return to the Military District. Return to Emmy Leater to complete the quest. Upon completion, an affinity link between Emmy Leater and Miller will be established, showing them to have a dissatisfied relationship.

You must complete this quest in order to unlock Emmy Leater's second quest, A Young Captain's Suffering.

A Curry Conundrum
Client Rewards Affinity
Giorgio 1200G, 60 EXP, Caravan Gauntlets 1✰

This quest will be activated by completing the quest where Fiora delivers food to Shulk. Giorgio's Curry Shop in the Commercial District of Colony 9 is running out of ingredients and he will ask you to collect 5 Dance Apples for him. You can find these relatively easily in the grassy landscapes of Colony 9. Upon finding the Dance Apples, return to Giorgio to complete the quest.

Reyn was very happy to hear that free curry would be their reward.

This quest must be completed to unlock Giorgio's second quest, Overworked and Underpaid.

Rocco's Heartful Request
Client Rewards Affinity
Rocco 350G, 100 EXP, Tinted Glasses, Pretty Bangle 1✰

You will find Rocco near the Ether Light landmark in the Residential District of Colony 9. He will explain to you that he accidentally broke his mother Sophia's keepsake and cannot find anyone to fix it for him. You suggest that Dean in the Military District could help him and he asks you to take it to Dean for him. Once Dean fixes the keepsake, return to Rocco to complete the quest.

Upon completion of the quest, the affinity link between Rocco and Sophia will change from Warring Family to Happy Family. Rocco and Dean will also develop an affinity link labelled Respect. Sophia and Dean will develop an affinity link, showing them to be Old Friends.

This quest must be completed in order to unlock Dean's Shady Request from Dean.

Dean's Shady Request
Client Rewards Affinity
Dean 1500G, 200 EXP, Lock-On Resist II 2✰

You must have completed Rocco's Heartfelt Request before this quest becomes available. As a thank you for fixing Sonia's keepsake for Rocco, Dean wants you to ask Sonia to have dinner with him. Upon speaking to Sonia, she will tell you that she'd love to go on a date with Dean, but that she can't leave the children because they constantly fight. She asks you to fetch 2 Shin Geckos for them to have as pets. Shin Geckos are collectables that can be found in Tephra Cave, but they are also fairly rare. Your best bet is to run around Tephra Cave doing other quests for a little while and hope you come across some Shin Geckos. When you have found some, return to Sonia to give her the geckos. She will agree to go on a date with Dean, so head back to Dean to complete the quest.

Upon completion of the quest, several affinity links will be established. Sonia and Dean's affinity link will change from Old Friends to Mutual Respect. Liliana and Rocco's affinity link will be established as Close Siblings. Sonia and Liliana's affinity link will be labelled Warring Family.

This quest must be completed in order to unlock Liliana's quest, Liliana's Sincere Request.

Liliana's Sincere Request
Client Rewards Affinity
Liliana 4000G, 500 EXP, Swimming Oil 2✰

Once you have completed Dean's Shady Request, you will be able to activate Liliana's Sincere Request from Liliana. She isn't happy that Sonia and Dean are dating and would like to remind her mother of her father's last words. Liliana asks that you fetch something precious from a cave near Agora Shore in Colony 9. The task isn't a simple fetch quest though. Blocking your path to the item are several higher level brog enemies and the level 40 unique monster, Gentle Rodriguez. There is a way to sneak past him, but you will need to aggro him first and grab the item before he turns around to attack you. This might take a few goes, or alternatively, you can come back to this quest when you're a higher level and ready for a good fight. Either way, once you have collected the precious item, head back to the Commercial District and hand the item to Sonia. Once you've done that, return to Liliana to complete the quest.

Unique Quests Available After Reaching Chapter 3

The following quests are available as soon as Chapter 3 begins, barring any other prerequisites.

Mementos of a Lost Son
Client Rewards Affinity
Cheryl 4500G, 1500 EXP, Bomber Lancer None

To complete this quest you will need to have access to Satorl Marsh, which is available at Chapter 6 of the Main Story quest.

Cheryl is mourning her son and asks that you find his belongings so she can use them to comfort herself. She asks you find her son's armour, gun and knife. These items will be tricky because the items are not in Colony 9.

  • Armour - The armour can be found within Tephra Cave, near some dead merchants.
  • Gun - The gun can be found in a little cave south of Daksha Shrine on the Bionis' Leg.
  • Knife - The knife can be found in the hidden location, Shining Pond in Satorl Marsh. The Shining Pond can be found up a hill path from the Dark Swamp.

Location of Armour  (Tephra Cave)Location of Gun (near Daksha Shrine)Location of Knife (Shining Pond)

Once each of the items has been collected, return to Cheryl in Colony 9 to complete the quest.

Flattened Flowers
Client Rewards Affinity
Françoise 750G, 100 EXP, Soil Gauntlets None

After the Mechon attack, you will find an upset Françoise tending to her trampled flower garden in Tranquil Square within the Residential District of Colony 9. She will ask you to collect 5 Dawn Hydrangeas to cheer her up. You can find the Dawn Hydrangeas across Colony 9. Return to her once you have collected the flowers to complete the quest.

The Dawn Hydrangeas cheered Françoise up!

After completing Flattened Flowers, speaking to Arnaut will reveal that he and Françoise are married. He will ask you how she is, and you will have two options to choose from, both impacting the Affinity Chart in different ways.

  • "You should ask her yourself" will result in their affinity link changing from Together/Apart to Happily Married, after Arnaut has spoken to Françoise.

  • "She's doing fine" will result in their affinity link changing from Together/Apart to Near Divorce, after Arnaut has spoken to Françoise.

An Impoverished Critic
Client Rewards Affinity
Leopold -- None

You will find Leopold near the Ether Light in the Commercial District of Colony 9. When you talk to him, he will tell you of his huge, unpayable debt to local Loan Shark, King Squeeze. Shulk will then have a vision of the future, where you will see King Squeeze threatening Leopold. You agree to help him and confront King Squeeze. He can be found from 21:00 to 06:00 in the Commercial District. Speaking to King Squeeze will trigger another vision, where you see him and Sylviane working together to increase Leopold's money.

Speaking to King Squeeze will activate the quest Financial Planning. These quest are completed together.

Financial Planning
Client Rewards Affinity
King Squeeze 2500G, 500 EXP, Ranger Shoes/Quark Boots (depending on chosen route) None

After approaching King Squeeze regarding Leopold's debt, you discover that Sylviene has been working with King Squeeze to increase Leopold's debt by spending all of his money. This quest branches into two separate conclusions depending on whether you talk to Leopold or Sylviane.

  • Talk to Leopold: You tell Leopold about Sylviane's plan with King Squeeze. Leopold decides he wants to frame King Squeeze by placing poison in his pockets in order to ruin his business. He asks you to retrieve 5 lots of Caterpile Poison. You can find these by defeating Caterpiles in Tephra Cave or by trading with Françoise at 1✰. After you have collected the poison, you need to talk to King Squeeze and slip the poison into his pockets. To complete this quest and An Impoverished Critic, you will need to return to Leopold to tell him you were successful in planting the Caterpile Poison. Taking this route will reward you the Ranger Boots.

  • Talk to Sylviane: When you tell Sylviane you know of her and King Squeeze's plan, she says that she no longer wants to be a part of King Squeeze's schemes. Instead, she tells you to look for the Top Secret Orders document that she disposed of in order to threaten King Squeeze with it. When you find the orders and confront King Squeeze, he will vow to back off from Leopold and stop trying to steal his money through Sylviane. Taking this route will reward you the Quark Boots.

The location of the Top Secret OrdersKing Squeeze promises to back off from Leopold.

The Plan - Preparation
Client Rewards Affinity
Sesame 1000G, 150 EXP, Critical Up II None

At night, in the Northern region of the Commercial District of Colony 9, you will find Sesame and a group of his friends planning something shady. You agree to help him because you want to keep an eye on them. He asks you to fetch 2 Croaking Brog Bags from Singing Brogs. These can be found in Tephra Cave, just south of Mag Mell Ruins. Once collected, return to Sesame and he will tell you to speak to Betty. Betty will give you a Sealed Package to deliver to Sesame. Upon delivery, the quest will be completed, however, Sesame will make it clear that this won't be the last time he asks for your help.

Singing Brogs are found in Tephra Cave, south of Mag Mell Ruins.

This quest must be completed to unlock Sesame's second quest, The Plan - The Night Before

The Plan - The Night Before
Client Rewards Affinity
Sesame 1500G, 200 EXP, Strength Up III 2✰

After completing The Plan - Preparation and achieving two stars Affinity with Colony 9, you can get this quest from Sesame. You'll be doing similar things here, starting with getting 2 Iron Krabble Shells from Colony Krabbles in Colony 9. Mefimefi has some for trade, but if you want to hunt them down, head to Cliff Lake at night to seek out Colony Krabbles. Once you have them, bring them back to Sesame and he'll task you with retrieving something from Kenny Rohan. He is out most of the time, from 21:00-18:00, but if you can't find him, you can use the tracking feature in the Affinity Chart to place a marker on him. Once you have the package, return to Sesame to finish the quest.

The Plan - Execution
Client Rewards Affinity
Sesame 5000G, 1200 EXP, Attack Stability II 3✰

This quest becomes available after finishing The Plan - The Night Before, with Sesame finally bringing his plan into action. He wants you to defeat a monster by the name of Dark Murakmor, which is found near Colony 9's Anti-Air Battery 3, at night. This will be a Unique Monster that is level 18, so you might need to come back a little later to fight it, especially once you have a third party member. If you go to where the name of the location is on the map, you will find the big bird waiting for you. Once you finally take down the big bird, return to Sesame and he wants you to check out a street light in the Commercial District. Inspect the light marked on your map, then report back to Sesame to finish the quest.

A Young Captain's Suffering
Client Rewards Affinity
Emmy Leater 1100G, 180 EXP, Ether Def Up III 1✰

After completing A Young Captain's Request, Emmy Leater will ask you to help with a seek and exterminate mission in Tephra Cave. She asks that you defeat 5 Wind Vangs, which are found near the Spring of Grief landmark in Tephra Cave. Upon defeating the required enemies, return to Emmy Leater to complete the quest.

You must complete this quest in order to unlock Emmy leater's third quest, A Young Captain's Rise.

A Young Captain's Rise
Client Rewards Affinity
Emmy Leater 1800G, 250 EXP, Flame Gear 2✰

Upon completing A Young Captain's Suffering, Emmy Leater has asked you to help her out again. This time she wants you to kill an unknown monster at the Spring of Grief in Tephra Cave. The unknown monster will be either be a Lurker Krabble or a Lurker Brog, both of which are quest-exclusive monsters and do not respawn like Unique Monsters. Return to Emmy Leater to complete the quest.

This quest must be completed in order to unlock Emmy Leater's fourth quest, A Young Captain's Challenge.

Overworked and Underpaid
Client Rewards Affinity
Giorgio 3000G, 300 EXP, HP Up II (Route A) or Ether Def Up II (Route B) 2✰

Complete A Curry Conundrum to make this quest available. When you speak with Giorgio in Ether Light in Colony 9, he will seem very tired. Shulk will have a vision of Giorgio having collapsed due to overworking. This is where the quest splits right now, as you can either convince Giorgio yourself (call this Route A) or consult with a relative (call this Route B).

  • For Route A, speak with Giorgio and he will ask you for 3 bits of Fresh Armu Milk. Marcia should have some Fresh Armu Milk, but you can only trade one at a time with her. If you can't find her, she is in the same area as Giorgio, from 09:00 - 18:00. Should you wish to hunt down some yourself, exit Colony 9 via the nearby bridge and follow the coast north and west, where you should find some Baby Armus roaming the beach. They are around levels 8-10, so they might be a little bit of a problem depending on your own levels. Fresh Armu Milk is a pretty common drop from these, so it shouldn't take long to get them. Bring them back to Giorgio to finish. Taking this route will not improve his relationship with his daughter, Paola.

  • For Route B, you need to consult a relative, who will happen to be his daughter, Paola; she should be found around the Gem Man's Stall from 06:00 to 18:00. Speak with her and she concocts a plan to convince her father to get some rest. For her plan to work, she needs 3 Insanity Mints from the Tephra Cave. Unless you've progressed a little past the initial story mentioned above, then the only way to get these is by finding them inside of the cave. With the quest active, you should be able to spot them on the map, so gather them and return to Paola, then to Giorgio to finish the quest.

Note: It doesn't really matter which route you take for the above quest, other than improving the relationship between Giorgio and Paola.

Romantic Notions of a Girl/Boy
Client Rewards Affinity
Monica 1200G, 300 EXP, Soil Gear (Girl) or Soil Boots (Boy) 2✰

This is another mutually exclusive quest that starts by speaking to Monica in the Military District of Colony 9. She wants to give Erik a Tephra Drop after hearing they make the recipient fall in love with whoever gives it to them. Upon logging this quest, if you find Andreas and speak with him, you will get a similar quest called Romantic Notions of a Boy, with Andreas wanting the Tephra Drop to give to Monica. So, the problem is that you can only give the Tephra Drop to one person, meaning you have to make a choice. There is absolutely no wrong choice here and it doesn't affect future quests, so you can do whichever you want. To find the Tephra Drop, head to the Spring of Grief landmark and the item will be right there in the middle of the lake, but only at night. Bring it back to whoever you want to finish.

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