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Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition
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First Published: 01-06-2020 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 02-07-2020 / 00:49 GMT
Version: 0.1 (????) 02-07-2020 / 06:43 GMT


Satorl Marsh

Satorl Marsh is a mysterious marshland that is scattered with High Entia ruins. There is a fog shrouding the area, which can determine the enemies that spawn here. At night, it is bathed in an eerie glow, which is also when it becomes absolutely stunning to look at. You won't find many NPCs here, other than some Nopon merchants and one more lone Nopon. Despite the some enemies being replaced with high level ones at night, most of the latter are not hostile and won't aggro if you get close to them.


Note: The items are listed in the exact order as you input them into the Collectopaedia, so it's easy to know which one(s) you are missing.

Category Items Reward
Vegetables Blue Turnip, Cute Parsnip, Poisonous Gourd, Humming Cabbage Nopol Gear
Flower Sunflower Rogue, Merry Coronation, Ether Rose, Orb Daisy, Forget-You-Not Jungle Shoes
Animal Chimera Rabbit, Venom Platypus, Humming Cat Lock-On Resist II
Nature Mist Tree, Lemon Stone, Feather Leaf, Water Log, Wool Rock Nopol Gauntlets
Parts Blue Gear Shard, Rumble Part Strength Up II
Strange Pauper's Cup, Happy Carnival, Dawn Dice Haste II
  • The reward for finishing the Collectopaedia for this area is the Panther Top (Chest Armour).


Landmark When Available
Kelsher Wetland First Visit
Nopon Merchant Camp First Visit
Crown Tree First Visit
Silent Obelisk First Visit
Glowing Obelisk First Visit
Sororal Statues First Visit
Statue Summit First Visit
Shining Pond (Secret) First Visit


Location When Available
Lacus Swamp First Visit
Zaldania Waterfall First Visit
Poison Swamp First Visit
Altar of Fate First Visit
Barren Moor First Visit
Basic Cave First Visit
Nopon Refuge First Visit
Exile Fortress First Visit
Mauk Floodgate First Visit
Oath Sanctuary First Visit
Place of Judgement First Visit
Dark Swamp First Visit
Soter Ruins First Visit
Igna Territory First Visit

Normal Enemies

Enemy Level Location
Acid Upa 22-23 Kelsher Wetland and Lacus Swamp
Aqua Nebula 24-25 Most places (No Fog)
Baelfael Gogol 82 Near Soter Ruins
Baelzeb Gogol 84 Near Soter Ruins
Barbaro Igna 27 Near Exile Fortress
Coppice Quadwing 23-24 Lacus Swamp, Zaldania Waterfall, Near Crown Tree (Day)
Detox Brog 24-26 Near Crown Tree
Duel Igna 21-24 Northeast of Crown Tree; Igna Territory
Ether Bunnia 26 North of Glowing Obelisk
Ether Igna 20-25 Near Crown Tree, Zaldania Waterfall; Igna Territory
Fighter Igna 24-27 Northeast of Crown Tree; Zaldania Waterfall; Igna Territory
Frost Nebula 80 Kelsher Wetland or Sororal Statues (Night, Fog)
Green Feris 83-85 Around Barren Moor (Night)
Grove Quadwing 81-82 Barren Moor (Night)
Guard Igna 28 Exile Fortress
Lacus Flamii 24 Around Altar of Fate (No Fog)
Mad Upa 23-25 Glowing Obelisk
Marsh Flamii 23 Kelsher Wetland (No Fog)
Mist Rhogul 25 West of Nopon Refuge/Barren Moor
Mistol Igna 26 Exile Fortress
Officer Volff 25 Lower area east of Igna Territory; North of Silent Obelisk (Day)
Ogre Bunnia 22-25 North of Glowing Obelisk
Partner Volff 27 Igna Territory
Poison Brog 26 Poison Swamp and Dark Swamp
Satorl Caterpile 25-27 East of Exile Fortress; Place of Judgement
Satorl Flamii 22 Kelsher Wetland (No Fog)
Satorl Rhogul 84-85 West of Nopon Refuge/Barren Moor (Night)
Satorl Torta 85 Near Altar of Fate
Satorl Vang 21-24 Cave south of Nopon Merchant Camp
Satorl Volff 24 Around Barren Moor and Glowing Obelisk (Day)
Shield Igna 27 Exile Fortress
Storm Vang 26-27 Cave Basin
Wind Nebula 26 Waters southeast of Glowing Obelisk (No Fog)

Unique Monsters

Unique Monster Level Location Respawns?
Aggressive Cornelius 28 Southern part of Igna Territory Yes
Amber Fischer 27 On small island just southeast of Altar of Fate (No Fog) Yes
Cautious Balteid 26 South of Poison Swamp Yes
Despotic Arsene* 108 North of Glowing Obelisk Yes
Eternal Palsadia* 91 Top of Exile Fortress Yes
Indomitable Daulton 85 Soter Ruins Yes
Reckless Godwin 31 Exile Fortress Yes
Stormy Widardun 25 In tree on tall ridge just west of Zaldania Waterfall marker on map (Day) Yes
Sunlight Schvaik 30 Flies around Barren Moor/Silent Obelisk (Day) Yes
Swift Zektol 28 South of Glowing Obelisk Yes
Tumultuous Felix 27 On hill just southeast of Silent Obelisk Yes
Veteran Yozel 83 Just northeast of Silent Obelisk (Night; Dense Fog) Yes
  • Despotic Arsene does not spawn until you complete the Mechonis Core part of the main story.
  • Eternal Palsadia does not spawn until after you complete The Giants' Treasure.

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