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Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Ben Chard, Jarrod Garripoli, Seren Morgan-Roberts
First Published: 01-06-2020 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 07-07-2020 / 19:38 GMT
Version: 0.8 (????) 07-07-2020 / 19:52 GMT

Tephra Cave is a large, cavernous area that you will be forced to visit at least twice during the main story. The main entrance is located up a hill just outside of Colony 9 and during your first visit, there will be a locked door inside. It isn't until your second mandatory visit, which happens not soon after the first one, that you can explore beyond that locked door.


Note: The items are listed in the exact order as you input them into the Collectopaedia, so it's easy to know which one(s) you are missing.

Category Items Reward
Fruit Clear Almond, Bright Fig, Dark Grape Lightning Attack II
Flower Insanity Mint, Night Tulip Poison Defence III
Animal Shin Newt, Cave Rat, Shin Gecko, Happy Rabbit HP Up II
Bug Brown Butterfly, Gold Caterpillar, Rumble Stonefly Slow Resist II
Nature Kneecap Rock, Confusion Ivy, Clarity Moss Attack Plus II
Strange Leaf Mystery, Steel Silk Attack Stability II
  • The reward for completing this area's Collectopaedia is a pair of Warrior Cuisses (Heavy Armor).


Landmark When Available Floor
Tephra Path On first visit GF
Mag Mell Ruins On first visit GF
Rear Entrance On first visit GF
Spring of Grief On second visit GF
Villa Lake On second visit 1F
Bafalgar Tomb (Secret Area) Post-Mechonis Core 1F
Heavenly Window (Secret Area) Post-Mechonis Core 2F
Leg Pass On second visit 3F


Location When Available Floor
Caterpile Nest On first visit GF
Escape Pod Bay On first visit GF
Warehouse 2 On first visit GF
Tephra Cavern On second visit GF
Hidden Warehouse Post-Mechonis Core GF
Forgotten Cave Post-Mechonis Core GF
Emergency Warehouse Post-Mechonis Core 1F
Soothsayer's Crypt Post-Mechonis Core 1F
Prayer Room Post-gamePost-Mechonis Core 1F
Bone Corridor Post-Mechonis Core 1F
Trader's Stopover Post-Mechonis Core 2F
Arachno Feeding Lair Post-Mechonis Core 2F
Arachno Queen's Nest On second visit 2F
Kneecap Hill On second visit 2F
Path of Absolution Post-Mechonis Core 2F

Normal Enemies

Enemy Level Location
Air Vang 6 Mag Mell Ruins
Arachno Pod 10 Between Tephra Cavern and Villa Lake
Arm Bunnit 11 Kneecap Hill
Cave Skeeter 10 Villa Lake
Clap Bunniv 5 Near Caterpile Nest and Mag Mell Ruins
Cute Caterpile 4 Caterpile Nest
Desert Krabble 8-9 Villa Lake, Spring of Grief
Director Arachno 10 Between Spring of Grief and Villa Lake
Eater Caterpile 6 Caterpile Nest
Iron Bunniv 7 Near Caterpile Nest
Jewel Krabble 11 Villa Lake
Medium Skeeter 8 Around Spring of Grief
Mell Lizard 5 Mag Mell Ruins
Night Wisp 10, 12-15 (Night) Kneecap Hill
Noble Brog 12 Spring of Grief
Officer Arachno 11 Between Tephra Cavern and Villa Lake
Plane Bunnit 12 Kneecap Hill
Prom Skeeter 5 Along Tephra Path
Singing Brog 8 South of Mag Mell Ruins
Tephra Lizard 8-9 Villa Lake
Weather Flier 10 Kneecap Hill (Day, during clear weather)
Willow Bunniv 6 Near Caterpile Nest, Mag Mell Ruins
Wind Vang 9 Near Spring of Grief
Worker Arachno 8 Between Spring of Grief and Villa Lake

Unique Monsters

Unique Monster Level Location
Cellar Bugworm 10 Caterpile Nest
Gluttonous Eugen 11 Villa Lake
Mining Patrichev 8 Near Caterpile Nest
Solid Konev 10 Spring of Grief
Wallslide Gwynry 9 Mag Mell Ruins

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