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Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition
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First Published: 01-06-2020 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 02-07-2020 / 00:49 GMT
Version: 0.1 (????) 02-07-2020 / 06:12 GMT

Bionis' Leg

Monster Slaying

Important: A large portion of the quests in the Refugee Camp will be gone if you progress the story too much. This important story point is whenever you finish the Ether Mine, which will allow you to accept the quest called The Road Home. Finishing that quest is what makes the Refugee Camp quests go away.

Quest Location Objective Reward
Save the Girl! North of Volff Lair Save the girl being harassed by Volffs 1200G, 300 EXP, Diver Top, Diver Bottoms

This is a surprise quest, meaning you will not find a marker on your map designating a new quest. Once you get close to the spot, you will see the quest window pop up, allowing you to accept or reject the quest. The spot to trigger this quest is just north of the Volff Lair, in the southwestern portion of the lower level. Note that this quest will only trigger after Sharla joins your party, so make sure you advance the story a little bit when you arrive in Bionis' Leg. Once you find the right spot, the quest window will pop up, so accept the quest and there will be four Ferocious Volff by the waterfall, waiting to attack a lady bathing. Defeat them (they are level 12 or so) and talk to the lady after to finish the quest.

Quest Location Objective Reward
Monster Quest 1 - Part 1 By Ragrinar Canyon Path Defeat 2 Leg Ardun 1500G
Monster Quest 1 - Part 2 By Ragrinar Canyon Path Defeat 3 Maker Bunnits 1200G
Monster Quest 1 - Part 3 By Ragrinar Canyon Path Defeat 5 Field Ponios 2500G
Monster Quest 1 - Part 4 By Ragrinar Canyon Path Defeat 3 Leg Volff 1800G
Monster Quest 2 Refugee Camp Defeat 2 Basin Antols 2000G
Monster Quest 3 - Part 1 Refugee Camp Defeat 5 Mechon M64 2500G
Monster Quest 3 - Part 2 Refugee Camp Defeat 2 Brave Tirkins 5000G
  • Maker Bunnits are found north of Jabos Rock Rest Area landmark

Quest Location Objective Reward
Challenge 1 - Part 1 North of Refugee Camp Defeat White Eduardo at Raguel Lake 5500G
Challenge 1 - Part 2 North of Refugee Camp Defeat Violent Andante from Sky Stage 3800G
Challenge 2 - Part 1 Refugee Camp Defeat Trainer Harmelon near north part of Spiral Valley 4200G
Challenge 2 - Part 2 Refugee Camp Defeat Vagrant Alfead in Tirkin Headquarters 4800G
  • White Eduardo only spawns during a Thunderstorm, on the island in Raguel Lake
  • Violent Andante is found around Viliera Hill
  • Trainer Harmelon is straight north from Spiral Valley landmark

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