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Bionis' Shoulder

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The Bionis’ Shoulder is the main area of Future Connected, and was originally a test area for developers in the original game. It was originally the left shoulder of the Bionis, but was detached after the events in the story of the main game. While you can freely explore not that far into the story of Future Connected, it isn’t until you have access to Gran Dell that you can get all of the Landmarks and Locations. Most of the Locations/Landmarks are easy enough to get to, but some of them might be a little confusing.

To get to Agni’s Skygarden Ruins, you have to go around the right side of that piece of land and there should be a tunnel. This leads to the Old King’s Testament Landmark. Look by the entrance to spot some fallen pillars, which you need to climb to reach the Skygarden Ruins. For the next part, head to Thulles Way and begin venturing north. This should put you on the path to reach a bunch of Locations, such as Fyme Lane, Gamaro Hollow, Forbidden Hushland and eventually, Zekr Marga Quarry (you also get the Quarry Colonnade landmark). The Old Expedition HQ landmark can be a bit tricky. From Gamaro Hollow, follow the northern wall and you should discover a ramp that leads to the landmark.

The last section that can be confusing is the central area of the map. You should discover Xen’s Thoroughfare automatically as you go through the main story of FC. Go west from there and south to get Shoulderstone Scree, as well as Abaasy’s Dorsum. Return to Xen’s Thoroughfare and head north this time. One of the pieces of land holding up the central structure is a ramp leading to the top of that central structure. Once you’re on it, go south to get Lamentation Ridge and all the way to the very southern tip is Cloudtop Lookout. The only other troublesome spot is Eternal Zenith, at the very top of Gran Dell. You’ll have to do some minor platforming to get there, but it’s nothing too crazy.


Category Items Reward
Vegetables Rainbow Carrot, High Leaf, Cream Wheat, Morrow Cob, Kilopumpkin Valak Corsage
Animal Angel Bream, Gentleclam, Sky Mole, Blade Bird, Palmtop Elephant Valak Bracelets
Parts Half Part, Snare Wire, Subzero Steel, Blaze Chain, Congenial Cogs Valak Skirt
Strange Swirly Slash, Hero Nipper, Highlightning, Dubious Sculpture, Shimmertumble Valak Sandals
  • The reward for finishing the Collectopaedia for this area is a Valak Top.


Navvir Crossroads
Companions’ Cape
Nerthis Necropolis Gate
Zephyr’s Counsel
Barouh Plaza
Pillar Knoll
Soltnar Seal Island
Thulles Way
Xen’s Thoroughfare
Abaasy’s Dorsum
Old King’s Testament
Gran Dell Ramparts
Agni’s Birthplace
Gran Dell Approach
Grand Arch
Prayer Rock
Scapular Lance
Old Expedition HQ
Quarry Colonnade
Marga’s Weeping
Eternal Zenith (Secret)
Cloudtop Lookout (Secret)


Agni’s Skygarden Ruins
Barouh Ruins Cave
Cinnabar Plateau
Clear Sky Buff
Companions’ Forum
Cragmaw Caverns
Forbidden Hushland
Fyme Lane
Gamaro Hollow
Gran Dell
Halcyon Wheats
Heroes’ Rest
Lamentation Ridge
Navvir Highland
Nerthis Necropolis
Purifying Falls
Shoulderstone Scree
Teelan’s Laboratory
Tranquil Tarn
Whisperwind Crossing
Zekr Marga Quarry

Normal Enemies

Enemy Level Location
Acid Upa 62 Lake surrounding Junks
Ammos Orluga 72 Cliff west of Junks, Zekr Marga Quarry
Aqua Nebula 63 Cinnabar Plateau, Around Junks (Rain)
Arachno Queen 72 Zekr Marga Quarry
Archer Tirkin 67 Clear Sky Bluff, Fyme Lane
Arena Orluga 72 Zekr Marga Quarry
Baby Armu 60 Navvir Highland
Bagrus Nebula 65 Cinnabar Plateau (Clear Weather)
Barbaro Igna 73 Cliff west of Junks, Zekr Marga Quarry
Bosque Hode 63 Soltnar Seal Island
Brave Tirkin 68 Clear Sky Bluff
Caris Nebula 67 East of Gran Dell
Ciconia Ekidno 70 Fyme Lane
Clowd Flier 60 North of Companions’ Cape (Day), North of Agni’s Birthplace (Day)
Colony Piranhax 71 Lake south of Gran Dell
Coppice Quadwing 70 Forbidden Hushland
Corladio Apis 71 Agni’s Skygarden Ruins, Prayer Rock (Clear Weather)
Cruz Pagul 61 Lake surrounding Junks
Daksha Pod 66 Nerthis Necropolis, Zekr Marga Quarry, Barouh Ruins Cave
Deinos Sauros 71 Forbidden Hushland
Director Arachno 74 Nerthis Necropolis, Zekr Marga Quarry
Doom Hox 63 Clear Sky Bluff
Eryth Hiln 66 Lake south of Gran Dell, Prayer Rock
Eryth Rhana 70 Forbidden Hushland
Ether Bunnia 68 East of Thulles Way, Agni’s Skygarden Ruins
Ether Igna 72 Cliff west of Junks, Zekr Marga Quarry
Fighter Igna 72 Cliff west of Junks
Flutes Kromar 66 Southeast of Xen’s Thoroughfare
Gluttony Gogol 69 Clear Sky Bluff
Goldi Kromar 72 Zekr Marga Quarry
Green Feris 68 Fyme Lane, Northwest of Cinnabar Plateau
Grom Nebula 70 Prayer Rock (Rain)
Grove Quadwing 66 Fyme Lane
Hyle Hode 71 Zekr Marga Quarry, Cliff west of Junks
Inferno Deinos 68 Fyme Lane
Jewel Krabble 70 Forbidden Hushland
Jungle Quadwing 66 Thulles Way
Klanis Apis 69 West of Scapular Lance, Prayer Rock (Clear Weather)
Krawla Slobos 71 Forbidden Hushland
Kyle Hode 73 Cliff west of Junks, Zekr Marga Quarry
Laeklit Mammut 71 Forbidden Hushland
Lake Flamii 65 South of Prayer Rock
Lampo Ponio 63 North of Thulles Way, Soltnar Seal Island
Leg Ardun 62 Navvir Highland
Leg Armu 61 Navvir Highland
Leg Skeeter 66 Shoulderstone Scree
Leg Tokilos 68 Old King’s Testament
Leg Volff 67 Zekr Marga Quarry, Northeast of Halcyon Wheats, Barouh Plaza
Lelepago Pterix 70 Fyme Lane
Light Skeeter 61 Lake by Junks
Light Wisp 60 North of Companions’ Cape (Night), North of Agni’s Birthplace (Night)
Little Bunnit 60 Navvir Highland, East of Gran Dell Ramparts
Makna Ansel 63 Navvir Highland, Clear Sky Bluff
Makna Eks 62 Navvir Highland
Maleza Kromar 67 Northwest of Cinnabar Plateau
Marble Krabble 63 Cinnabar Plateau
Monta Moramora 65 Soltnar Seal Island, Cinnabar Plateau
Morule Hox 62 Clear Sky Bluff
Noble Brog 61 Western coast of lake by Junks
Ogre Bunnia 66 East of Thulles Way, Agni’s Skygarden Ruins
Perna Eluca 65 Northwest of Gran Dell Ramparts, Just west of Abaasy’s Dorsum
Petra Apis 66-69 Gamaro Hollow, East of Thulles Way
Plasma Deinos 70 Forbidden Hushland
Prado Upa 66 Fyme Lane
Praying Caterpile 61 Lake by Junks, Agni’s Birthplace
Red Antol 61 North of Agni’s Birthplace, Barouh Ruins Cave
Resplendent Flamii 67 South of Prayer Rock
Ridge Antol 61 North of Companions’ Cape, North of Agni’s Birthplace
Sabulum Orluga 73 Cliff west of Junks, Zekr Marga Quarry
Satorl Rhogul 65 Whisperwood Crossing
Satorl Torta 70 Gamaro Hollow
Satorl Volff 65 Northeast of Halcyon Wheats, Barouh Plaza
Sestago Lexos 69 Will fly over ledge east of Abaasy’s Dorsum
Setor Eks 66 West of Skybridge
Shadow Vang 63 Barouh Ruins Cave
Sloth Gogol 67 Northwest of Cinnabar Plateau
Somati Kromar 67 East of Xen’s Thoroughfare
Spear Tirkin 67 Clear Sky Bluff, Fyme Lane
Suelo Orluga 68 Abaasy’s Dorsum
Tarifa Hode 72 Cliff west of Junks
Trava Kromar 71 Zekr Marga Quarry
Unine Hode 72 Cliff west of Junks
Watch Chilkin 67 Clear Sky Bluff, Fyme Lane
Watcher Hode 73 Cliff west of Junks, Zekr Marga Quarry
Wind Nebula 61 Navvir Highland
Whapol Sardi 62 Cinnabar Plateau (in water)
Wood Bunnit 61 North of Companions’ Cape, East of Gran Dell Ramparts
Worker Arachno 73 Nerthis Necropolis

Fogbeast Normal Enemies

After a certain point in the main story of Future Connected, you will find that some enemies have been converted to Fogbeasts. These enemies are always sight-aggro, usually higher leveled than their normal counterparts, and drop silver chests. They will also send out a surge upon starting a battle, aggroing any other nearby enemies and increasing their level to the Fogbeast’s own level.

Enemy Level Location
Ciconia Ekidno 71 Fyme Lane
Deinos Sauros 72 Near Quarry Colonnade
Doom Hox 67 East of Pillar Knoll
Eryth Hiln 68 Soltnar Seal Island (under bridge)
Green Feris 69 North of Xen’s Thoroughfare
Inferno Deinos 70 Fyme Lane
Jungle Quadwing 66 South of Pillar Knoll
Leg Ardun 69 Navvir Highland
Light Skeeter 68 Northeast of Halcyon Wheats
Little Bunnit 67 East of Gran Dell Ramparts
Ogre Bunnia 68 Thulles Way
Perna Eluca 68 Northwest of Gran Dell Ramparts
Petra Apis 69 Agni’s Skygarden Ruins
Red Antol 71 Thulles Way
Satorl Volff 70 Cinnabar Plateau
Setor Eks 70 West of Skybridge
Sloth Gogol 71 Northwest of Cinnabar Plateau
Suelo Orluga 71 Abaasy’s Dorsum

Unique Monsters

Unique Monster Level Location
Air Marshal Reisenbach 69 Clear Sky Bluff
Booming Frederick 66 Lowest ledge just west of Purifying Falls
Buoyant Rostein 68 Slightly northwest of Abaasy’s Dorsum
Caustic Naquatra 73 Zekr Marga Quarry
Citadel Tostega 74 Prayer Rock
Confluent Uzva 69 Fyme Lane
Contemptuous Greymane* 78 Agni’s Skygarden Ruins
Custodian Barreldart* 71 Gamaro Hollow
Cyclonic Yughana 70 Old King’s Testament
Deputy Seagal 72 Zekr Marga Quarry
Dismal Umya 73 Nerthis Necropolis
Grotesque Deimis 65 Barouh Ruins Cave
Highborn Alexandra 64 Cinnabar Plateau
Marquis Odesh 74 Cliff west of Junks (by mining spot)
Perceptive Quinops 74 Cliff west of Junks
Phlegmatic Jamir 63 Navvir Highland; Next to a rock
Quondam Grimbellum 69 On ledge east of Junks, overlooking it (drop down ledge southwest of Abaasy’s Dorsum)
Ravager Apelpisia 77 Zekr Marga Quarry (room north of Marga’s Weeping)
Terpsichorean Cenoth 73 South of Prayer Rock
  • Both Custodian Barreldart and Contemptuous Greymane are Fogbeasts, meaning they will not spawn until the story progresses to a specific point.


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