Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition

Monster Slaying

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Seren Morgan-Roberts

Monster Quests

Monster Quests will typically ask you to slay multiple enemies of the same species.

Monster Quest 1

Quest Client Monster Reward
Part 1 Nopon Villager (Nopon Tower) 3 Itmos Upas - Eks Watering Hole (Makna Forest) 12500G
Part 2 Nopon Villager (Nopon Tower) 2 Wahpol Sardi - Eks Watering Hole (Makna Forest) 11000G
Part 3 Nopon Villager (Nopon Tower) 1 Venaes Nebula - Eks Watering Hole (Makna Forest) 7500G

Monster Quest 2

Quest Client Monster Reward
Part 1 Nopon Villager (Sacred Altar) 3 Terra Orlugas - Frontier Village Entrance (Makna Forest) 10000G
Part 2 Nopon Villager (Sacred Altar) 2 Ammos Orlugas - Precipice Bridge (Makna Forest) 13000G
Part 3 Nopon Villager (Sacred Altar) 3 Arena Orlugas - Precipice Bridge (Makna Forest) 9000G

Challenge Quests

These quests will ask you to fight tougher enemies that are categorised as Unique monsters. They will usually be a slightly higher level, and the fight will be harder than with a usual enemy.

Challenge 1

Client Monster Reward
Nopon Villager (Nopon Tower) Agile Albatro - Bridge Three (Makna Forest) 23000G

A Nopon Villager has asked you to slay the level 33 Ansel-type unique monster, Agile Albatro. It can be found flying around beneath Bridge Three, a short walk southwest from Nopon Arch. You can jump down into the water, but make sure you aim for the deeper parts of the river, since you will die of fall damage if you land in the shallower waters. Nearby where the unique monster can be found, you will spot some Upas and a Makna Brog, be careful not to aggro them at the same time, you might have difficulty fighting all of them at once. The Agile Aggro will drop a gold chest upon its defeat.

Agile Albatro is a Unique monster found in the river beneath Bridge 3, Makna Forest.

Challenge 2

Client Monster Reward
Nopon Villager (Sacred Altar) Breezy Zolos - Windmill Pavillion (Makna Forest) 26000G

A Nopon Villager has asked you to slay the level 37 Eks-type unique monster, Breezy Zolos. It can be found north of the Wind Pavillion landmark in Makna Forest. Be careful where you aggro the enemy though, because there is a level 98 Deinos Sauros who will attack on sight that wanders around nearby. There are also some other Makna Eks around that could also join in the fight if your positioning is a bit off. The Breezy Zolos will drop a gold chest upon its defeat.

Breezy Zolos is a Unique monster found north of Windmill Pavilion, Makna Forest.

Challenge 3

Client Monster Reward
Nopon Villager (Riki’s House) Lazy Bluco - Yellow Flower Grove (Makna Forest) 29000G

A Nopon Villager has asked you to slay the level 34 Eluca-type unique monster, Lazy Bluco. It can be found at night in Yellow Flower Grove, northeast of the Glowmoss Trihenge landmark. Around where it spawns, there will already be a couple level 32 Makna Elucas who will attack you alongside Lazy Bluco. Upon its defeat, the Lazy Bluco will drop a gold chest.

Lazy Bluco is a Unique monster found at Yellow Flower Grove, Makna Forest.


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