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Quests Available After the Events at the Mechonis Core

These quests are available to you once you have cleared Mechonis Core and witnessed the events and cut scenes there.

Restoring the Capital

Client Rewards Affinity
Nelo 13000G, 22000 EXP, Power V Goggles, HP Up V None

After the events at the Mechonis Core, Nelo can now be found near the Nopon Tower in Frontier Village. He will ask you to help restore Alcamoth by defeating 5 Aora Telethia that roam around the imperial city. To get to Alcamoth post-Mechonis Core, you’ll have to fast travel to Centre Gate at Eryth Sea and use the portal to reach the city, you cannot fast travel directly to Alcamoth landmarks anymore. The Aora Telethia can be found most commonly on the First Floor of the city, nearby Melfica Road and the Imperial Palace landmark. Be careful when fighting the Aora Telethia, as they usually fly nearby some terrain Telethia, who will aggro on you if they see you, making the battle significantly harder. When you have finally defeated 5 of them, head back to Nelo in Frontier Village to complete the quest.

The Aora Telethia is a flying Telethia found in the abandoned city of Alcamoth.

Restoring the Capital 2

Client Rewards Affinity
Nelo 13000G, 22000 EXP, Power V Goggles, HP Up V None

After completing Restoring the Capital, you will be able to pick this quest up from Nelo. He will ask you to fetch 5 Refined Part Ms and 5 New Cylinders. Refined Part Ms are dropped by Offensive Security Units and Offensive Seeker Units found on the Fallen Arm. They can also be traded for at 1✰ with Mixik in Hidden Village. New Cylinders are dropped by Hover Astas found in High Entia Tomb, there are a fair few of them to the west of the Valley of Emperors landmark on B2F.

Once you have all of the required materials, head back to Nelo to complete the quest.

Broken Ether Furnace

Client Rewards Affinity
Kaleka 20000G, 43500 EXP, Power V Boosters, Strength Up VI None

After activating the surprise quest, Vidian Rescue Mission and completing Restoring the Capital, you will be able to pick this quest up from Kaleka who now resides in Frontier Village near the Nopon Tower. She will ask you to help her fix the Ether Furnace by collecting 10 Refined Part Ls and 2 pieces of Frost Glass. Frost Glass is a collectable found on Valak Mountain and can also be traded for with Dakuku at 5✰ affinity with Upper Bionis residents. Refined Parts L are a drop obtained from defeating M85 Meteor Artillery on the Fallen Arm. 10 is a rather high number to collect, so it would be advised that you trade with Natalia at 1✰ affinity (Hidden Village) for a portion of the required amount. Once you have all of the required materials, head back to Kaleka to complete the quest.

Broken Ether Furnace 2

Client Rewards Affinity
Kaleka 42000G, 72000 EXP, Power V Frame, Sedna Drones, Ether Up VI None

After completing Broken Ether Furnace, you’ll be able to immediately pick this quest up from Kaleka. She will ask you to go back to Alcamoth and mend the Ether Furnace Controls. The Ether Furnace Controls can be found southeast of the Great Hall, right at the end of the corridor. When you activate the controls, you will need to defeat the Primordial Telethia that spawns behind you, blocking your exit from the small alcove. When you defeat the Telethia, head back to Kaleka in Frontier Village to complete the quest.

The Ether Furnace control is south east of the Great Hall.

A Memento of Daddy

Client Rewards Affinity
Atael 38000G, 40000 EXP, Will-o’-Wisp Staff, Physical Protect VI None

Atael has asked you to find something precious to remind him of his Father, Vol’aren. She says that the precious item has been buried near the Fountain of Hope in Alcamoth. To get to Alcamoth, you will need to use the Centre Gate portal at Eryth Sea to enter the city, since fast travelling directly there is no longer available. Once you have found the buried item, just east of the Fountain of Hope, Telethia Vol’aren will spawn. You will need to defeat the Telethia before you can return to Atael to complete the quest.

The precious item is found east of the Fountain of Hope. Collecting it will trigger the spawn of Telethia Vol’aren.

Bana the Betrayer

Client Rewards Affinity
Gadada 100000G, 200000 EXP, Haste VI, Double Attack V, EXP Up VI 2✰

This is the final instalment in the Red Pollen Orb quest chain that began with Dangerous Ambition. Gadada has found out that Bana is the real Kingpin! He asks you to confront Bana at Apex Lake on the highest floor of Frontier Village, at night. After you speak to him, you will trigger a fight with him. He becomes the quest-exclusive enemy, Frenzied Bana. When you defeat him, speak to Gadada again to complete the quest.

When you confront Bana, he will transform into Frenzied Bana!

Safer Energy

Client Rewards Affinity
Gadada 30000G, 35000 EXP, Slow IV 2✰

This quest will be available to you after the events at the Mechonis Core if you completed The Master’s Successor and chose Gadada as the Successor. He will ask you to fetch Research Data from a Nopon Researcher. The researcher you’re looking for is Mefimefi. She can be found from 06:00 to 18:00 in either Colony 9 or Colony 6 depending on whether you asked her to relocate to Colony 6. Speak to Mefimefi and she will give you the Research Data. Return to Gadada to complete the quest.

Presents for Priceless Pupils

Client Rewards Affinity
Dobadoba 15000G, 35000 EXP, Aggro Up V 2✰

You need to complete either Safer Energy or Distilling Active Ingredients to be able to access this quest. Dobadoba will ask you to head over to Anti-Air Battery 2 in Colony 9 and fetch him 2 Fallen Objects. One of the Fallen Objects will be on a small islet directly beneath the Anti-Air Battery location, and then the second will be on the small shore to the north. There will be a few higher level Flamii enemies around, so you may have to fight your way to the items.

Once you have retrieved the two Fallen Objects, head back to Dobadoba and he will ask you to give one to Gadada and then one to Cherri. After handing them both gifts, return to Dobadoba to complete the quest.


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